Vintage Ads just warm my heart, similar to my love of old cookbooks, which always gives wonderful kitchen inspiration.

As I came across this old ad for Snow Flake Sodas, yes, I looked them up, they are soda crackers, I realized that I need to be incorporating many more meatless days into our menu plan.

Taking advantage of our garden (I just got my first yellow squash and zucchini), farmer’s markets, CSA, and roadside stands are some of my favorite benefits of these hot, summer months. Yet, even with the produce, I have to get creative because with our three teen boys because a plate of vegetables is not really their kind of meal. Now, they are not picky eaters at all, but that just doesn’t stick to their ribs, so incorporating grains and legumes are my next go to choice.

I serve a lot of eggs, and frittata type dishes, but unlike the ad, fish is not something I serve, but I want too. (And yes, I kind of think of fish, as meat, but I guess 50 years ago, they didn’t.) Ever since I was a little girl, I haven’t liked fish, but I know how incredibly good it is for me, so I am working towards a few recipes that my family likes.

Meatless meals are not only great for the budget, but they allow our bodies to take a little day of rest. Now, I don’t do them often, but I’d love a working list of great meals that actually fill you up.

 Do you try and implement many meatless days?

If so, how many? What are some of your strategies and favorite recipes?

What are you cooking up for Tasty Tuesday?

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