Love notes box

In our home, giving the Love Notes box means intentionality. It symbolizes not only sharing a bit from our heart, but also trying to think outside “the box.” 🙂

Simple… meaningful…and a lifetime of shared memories from a treasured tradition. So many of you ladies are creatively gifted, and could create an heirloom for years to come. Imagine passing this down – what a legacy.

Love Notes Box
This is the gift you can give all year long. Inside the charming box list all the reasons why you love that special someone in your life – like a spouse, children, favorite Aunt, grandparent or special friend. Fill the box of Love Notes with sweet smelling rose petals or chocolate kisses for a gift of love that someone will truly treasure..

A few of my other friends shared how they used this tradition idea:

“The Love Notes Box has brought a whole new level of communication to my relationship with my husband. With three small children, date nights were pretty non-existent. Now we use the Love Notes Box to write things we would like to do together and we take turns drawing a card every other month. We’ve enjoyed long walks in the botanical gardens, picnics, naps in the meadow, golfing, dinners and this month we are taking a paddle boat ride. It’s been sooo good for our marriage that we are now expecting baby number four.” ~ Carrie Ann >

“I truly love this product! Once a month, usually on the date of their birthday, I give my children a note and their favorite candy bar or some other special treat. They love waking up and seeing their note and treat. I even do this for my husband and he really likes it also, even though he doesn’t verbalize it. One evening he came home with Chinese food and purple roses, which are my favorite, and said, ‘I don’t think I do this enough anymore.’ I know it was in direct correlation to the Love Notes Box. Very simple to do, yet so powerful in the message.” ~ Laurie


Do you ever want to say you’re sorry,
cheer someone up or just tell them you are thinking of them?
This pillow is the perfect way to show your feelings when words
just aren’t enough. This has been a special addition to the relationship
with my teenagers.

And if you don’t have time to make something…here are some options that are already done for you. I ADORE the Date Night Deck! So fun!

Date Night Deck
Fifty-two date ideas to help you connect, rekindle and strengthen your love. Not all of us are the same. Your Date Night Deck will show you how to give your partner special attention.