pretty dishes

When I think of making my home a haven, there are immediate impulses of redecorating, fluffing pillows, hanging beautiful pictures and just making things more cozy. Often, we overlook the easy and instantaneous ways that we can make the ordinary extraordinary without any extra time, and only a bit of intentionality.

Open up your cabinets and pull out those special dishes. You know the ones that are being saved for company? When is the last time that you’ve used them? If you have to think about it, it’s been too long.

When you serve up your big pancake breakfast this weekend, grab one of those beautiful cake stands that’s gathering dust and use it. The first time you offer this beautiful presentation to your blessings, the family may ask, “What’s the special occasion?” By which you respond, “You.” (Yes, completely cheesy, but trust me, they need to be reminded of that truth.)

vintage dinner plates

Who better to lavish on that special attention than the ones closest to us, and so often they only get the leftovers.

Make your home a haven by simply making the ordinary extraordinary by using your best serving dishes for the family. This girlie just LOVES using pretty dishes, and mommy loves when she finds gorgeous pink, antique plates at a yard sale. For her, there’s nothing better than tea parties all day long,  even if it’s just juice, oranges and Doritoes.


(FYI – My cake plate is from Dayspring’s Blessings Unlimited collection… I love it. Check out some early shopping for Christmas presents. 15% off on all gift purchases. Coupon code: 15GIFTS. There are some amazing clearance items and sales going on right now. :))

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