Blog around the world is coming to NC tomorrow,
and I have no time to get my good ‘ole Southern hospitality in order. I just walked in the door, and am running out again for football.
AHHHH……Do you have a certain day of the week that is always,
“one of those days?”
Well, my day is Tuesday….Tuesdays are always crazy,
and today was no different.
The thing that made today priceless was the irony of my last post.
Remember when I commented that my kids have mastered the art of upchucking? They really have…they always hit the bowl, bag, bucket…whatever…I guess its in the genes, well…..
I direct a home school group that meets on Tuesdays, and a friend had just mentioned visiting my blog. We were chuckling about the post, and as if on command, a young student (not one of my children…another sweet little guy) walked OFF of the hard floored hallway, INTO the carpeted classroom, and proceeded to lose his cookies….everywhere….poor guy (ok, really…poor me!)
Do you think that happened because I didn’t post the picture when I had the chance? Was the door opening for another opportunity?
Obviously, I need to forget the CVS tutorial, and move onto another one.

Can you believe it? That was just too funny after my last post and had to share…well, it’s funny now… it wasn’t then because the domino effect was almost happening. I am sure that it helped my diet since I haven’t been able to eat since. 🙂
Come visit NC tomorrow….I may need to take a little shortcut.