hi lite furniture of High Point

After having taken a few weeks off of attending yard sales, I ventured out bright and early Saturday morning to browse for a few treasures. I was not disappointed.

wooden carved furniture

Tucked away, I caught of glimpse of the lines on this chair and envisioned new white washed wood with the cushions sporting a clean,white slip cover.  The owner happened to be an acquaintance from church, who always treats us to eye candy at her yard sales. Bargaining with a church friend steps over the lines of Yard Sale-ing 101, so when she said she wanted “$20,” it was a deal.

The biggest surprise came last night when I began looking under the cushions to determine how difficult it would be to put new fabric on this myself. I eyed the tag with the manufacturer’s date stating both 1926 and 1929. Since I am not well versed in antiques, I am not sure of the true date, but I am pretty excited anyhow.

I have to determine now if I want to paint it, but I do know that with just a simple wipe down to condition the wood, the warm wood tones will come out and the scuffs will be easily minimized. I photographed the side with scuffs, but the other side looks like new.

slip cover for antique chair

I’m amazed at the excellent condition of the fabric.  It actually matches my great room. 🙂 I’m trying to determine if it’s the original fabric or not. Do you think that’s possible? (The true green color of the fabric is shown in the above picture.)

This is almost as good a find as my $5 Best Ever, Eddie Ross Secretary/Hutch, almost, but not quite.


So, would you please  help me brainstorm?

To paint or not to paint? That is the question.

To reupholster or slip cover? I’m horrible at these decisions.

(There are a few more weeks of yard sales. If you haven’t found your own treasure, get on out there and let me know what you’ve found.)