Moving can be a big life change, but these simple traditions can make for a special transition.

It seems like there are “For Sale” signs on every corner, which means many families are beginning life in a new location. Sometimes that can be really difficult, especially with children.
Here are a few traditions for making that transition a little easier, and the move a bit more meaningful.
New Linens for a New Life
It can be tough to feel at home the first night in a new house. This tradition will help your family embrace their new surroundings with a touch of something new that can be of comfort. Before moving, purchase a new set of deluxe sheets for each bed in your home. Wash the sheets before moving and save them in a special box. This will symbolize a fresh start, prepared with love in an old home. On the first night, help each other make their beds and take pictures of everyone in their beds. It may be weeks before you totally unpack, but you’ll feel right at home and comfortable the first night.
Neighborhood Time Capsule
The Time Capsule is a way to preserve a glimpse of the neighborhood today, to be enjoyed some time in the future by a family moving to a new home. It’s like finding an old notebook, box of childhood toys or photo album. When a family in your neighborhood moves, have the entire neighborhood help create a time capsule to take along with them to their new home. Cherished photos, stories and mementos can ease the move for the family and let them take along some of the ‘old’ neighborhood as a touchstone in their new life.


Are you feeling disconnected with your neighborhood, and you’d love do something creative? Why don’t you start the traveling neighborhood basket?
I’ve been so fortunate to only have moved a few times in my whole life.
Just out of curiosity, are any of you experienced in the moving department?
Does the transition ever get easier?