Oh Christmas Decor, how I love thee so.

You add to my most favorite time of the year that it’s extremely disappointing that I haven’t fully been able to embrace you this year.

I haven’t talked about it here yet, but I am in the middle of both spontaneous and not so spontaneous renovations going on within my home. Yes, it’s the worst timing ever, but it will be so worth it…eventually.

I can’t wait to share the before and after with you, but in the midst of it all, it has put my typical, over the top, multiple tree, Christmas decorating, on a hiatus.

With all this happening, it’s revolutionized the way I think about my Christmas decor and the many, many boxes that I typically take down from the attic.

Nearly all of them are still there because I’ve had to clear everything off the floors, so what this allowed me to do was really think outside the box and shop my house, along with the addition of a few wonderful Pier 1 accessories.

Since we can’t put up a tree for another week (sigh, we’re cutting it close), I took my fresh Rosemary bush, wrapped a piece of burlap around it and tied a big silver bow on it. It’s serving as a wonderful stand in for the moment.

I used my painted shutter and yard sale frame as the back drop for my new Pier 1 ornament wreath that I adore, and added some holiday bling with their silver picks. I just love those and they add such great drama without a huge price tag, especially right next to my white, spray painted candle holders.

I clipped some fresh greenery and sprinkled them throughout the mantel. In lieu of my ornament garland, which I made last year and am missing terribly, I just used some fringe that I had in the closet for a simple look, which I really love.

Over the last few years, I’ve done a candy cane themed table. It’s become a bit of a tradition, so when I saw the Pier 1 candy cane filler and the candy cane table decor, I knew it was mine.

It adds such a fun festive touch and will be perfect when I create my new tablescape.

My 1980’s Hutch Painted Transformation is still one of my favorite Before/After projects. If you haven’t seen it, click over to see the Color Pop.

I love to decorate it and it’s extra fun to add some holiday glamor during this season.  I’m enjoying it for a few more days, because the thought of unloading the entire hutch days before Christmas to move it, is a tad overwhelming. Yes, prime example of bedlam mixed in with the beauty. You have NO idea how much I can fit into one cabinet. 🙂

I do believe that everyone needs a few cloches in their home. With just one simple cloche you can create so many varying looks that all end up being incredibly festive with just a few dollars spent. Fill them with ornaments, a little present, a succulent plant, fake snow, beads, not to mention desserts. Yes,  the list goes on.

Can you tell I love cloches?

While many of my touches are silver this year, I decided to fill my dining room dough bowl with some pine cones that I spray painted, along with some gold orb balls. Those can be used throughout the year and are always festive. Did you spy the silver ones I used on my hutch? Perfect!

The highlight of my holiday finds was this gorgeous Pier 1 beverage dispenser. It was the only one left and clearanced for under $20. What a steal.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a better picture of it, but I found this one on my phone of my naughty cat that isn’t supposed to be on our table deciding to snuggle up next to it. The $20 alone was worth the wicker stand because it works another dispenser that I own. I was excited.

So, that’s just a peak at the tiny bit of holiday decor beauty that’s camouflaging the majority of our behind the scenes bedlam. Don’t worry, I’ll be showing that soon.

Are you all set for the holidays?