Just a little sneak peak of what this goat chasing (see post right below), child bearing,
city girl turned country queen is doing tonight.
I know I have mentioned my great sis-in-law (mom of ten),
but my amazing brother has a bit to do with that.
Anyhow, as part of his “side life,” when he’s not helping me corral the chaos out here on our homestead, he also produces movies.
Some of you may have seen The Ultimate Gift with Abigail Breslin…yep, that was his, and we had tons of fun being in it.
Anyhoo – tonight is the premier of a documentary that he is co-executive producing along with Matt Damon.
Yep, THEE Matt Damon.
It’s called, “Running the Sahara,”, and is a fascinating look at three ultra-marathoners literally risking their lives to run across the Sahara desert. Can we say in-san-i-ty?
I won’t go into all the details now, but I will post some fun pictures later. The proceeds of the premier will go to build clean drinking water wells in Africa.
We aren’t sure if Matt Damon will make it…I am guessing the Piedmont Triad isn’t his kind of place, but there’s some buzz about this getting some Academy or is it Emmy (I get them confused) award nominations, so it will be a energized evening.
Off to figure out which one of my Good Will Hunting dresses will work
(get it…Matt Damon…ha ha), and I am not kidding about the Good Will dresses.
Even for this, I refuse to pay retail!!!!

P.S. And no, I will not be bribed for his cell phone number, so don’t ask. All of our kiddos (when my bro first started working with him) copied it down and wanted to bid it off on Ebay – those little entrepreneurs.
Needless to say, we wrested it back, burned it, and threatened their lives…it worked.