As much as you all know how much I love to re-use and re-purpose, this Going Green theme is all about a mixture of delicious produce and flavors that create a delightful Tomato Mozzarella Appetizer.
Over the years, it’s bothered me to see picture perfect produce in the grocery store knowing that often, artificial colors were added to keep that produce looking magazine quality. That’s why I was thrilled when Sunkist announced it’s push to inform consumers about their oranges natural re-greening process.
Green is Good when it comes to Sunkist Valencia Oranges!
Valencia oranges may occasionally “re-green” in warm weather. When Valencias ripen on the tree, they turn a bright orange color but warm temperatures may make their skin reabsorb chlorophyll as they hang on the tree causing the orange color to look partly green—although the outside is green, the inside remains ripe and delicious!
My garden is brimming with basil and cherry tomatoes and what better way to lighten up an evening appetizer than with this delicious mixture of sweet and savory.

So indulge a bit with the mixture of all these flavors. I love using my own produce to try new flavors.
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