To Every Mom Who Makes a School Lunch, you MUST read this!

Every morning, I drag myself down the stairs, grind the coffee beans and wait for that first drip to percolate. Early morning hours and I aren’t always on the best of terms,  so there’s something about making  that school lunch EVERY.SINGLE.DAY that I dread.

As I type that sentence, I realize just how pathetic that sounds, but on most days, it’s truth.  Yes, I understand that this is a seemingly miniscule task that most mothers perform on a daily basis, but I was having an attitude. I was just tired of packing those lunches.

What should have been a celebration of gratitude for this simple privilege had turned to drudgery.

To Every Mom Who Makes a School Lunch, you MUST read this!

And then something happened. Something so insignificant, yet to me, it changed my entire outlook on this early morning coffee rendezvous.

And what I share next is for every mom out there that wonders if making their child’s school lunch is worth it.

One of these days you just might get a text from your 285 pound boy man child in the middle of the day, for absolutely no reason, which confirms that every single piece of bread buttered, every apple washed, every love note written (yes, he still gets them at 18), is ALL worth it.

And when those sweet words of encouragement fly across your phone, you’ll realize that the mundane gift that’s been set right before matters, whole lot! It speaks life.

So all you sweet lunch making mommas, tomorrow morning, while you sip that coffee and slap that bread together, pray over that precious child for which you are making lunch.

As you place each item in that lunch box, consider the gift you are giving, the blessings that you are anointing, and the honor you have to encourage the next generation of world changers,  vision casters and legacy leavers.

It’s not just a lunch. It’s not just bread. It’s life.

P.S. It never ceases to amaze me how when I start getting discouraged on certain aspects of mothering, there’s always a little something that reminds me of this gift. Last year, I had a moment of Perspective Change on making school lunches with this story. I encourage you to read it. You never know what one sandwich might be doing for good.

P.P.S Edited to add since I’ve already had some emails. I do home school (and have for 17 years). We chose to place this son into public school last year in order to receive a full ootball scholarship and now our 16 year old is on the same track with a mixture of 1/2 school and 1/2 home school. We still home school the girls.

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