We spend countless hours with our Middle School/High School aged sons talking about choices.
One of my responsibilities as a parent is not only to love, inspire, nurture, etc, etc. , but to give them the tools of learning, and the ability to ask the hard questions…especially those difficult life questions.
I don’t want them to regurgitate spiritually sound “Jesus” answers that they think I expect. They know those too well growing up in our home,
and I abhor hypocrisy.
Our desire is to raise thinkers.
Thinkers, who examine a situation through the lens of absolute truth, will find that it holds up under scrutiny.
So, my young sons, here is the “tool” you need to question this issue accurately, and arrive at a valid conclusion.
I have dug deep into my reservoir of wealth
to find what might bring the truth to light.
To drink or not to drink…that is the question?
So, please my teen age sons, I desire your sincere contemplation on the consequences of underage drinking.

Pray, ponder, persevere….pretty please.

Yep, the consequence of sin.

Don’t worry, boys, when it truly becomes a temptation, you can bet your mom will do a bit more than just show this picture…..xoxo