Our Becoming Conference is here, and I am putting the final touches on many of our activities for the weekend.  Yes, some of those final touches include taking three hours of meal time material and putting it into this one hour workshop.

I know many of you can’t attend, so I’ll try and post an update throughout the weekend. I know there will be some wonderful learning tips I will glean from others.

Since you are exactly the “audience” that I am planning my workshops  for, I thought it would be insightful to hear your thoughts and questions on the “Meal Time Mountain” subject.

I would SO appreciate your help, and so would those sitting in my session. My question is two fold:

After reading the description below, what are some more specific questions or areas you’d like me to address if you were in the workshop. ( I will try and use these as future blog posts as well)


if you feel you are fairly proficient in the kitchen, what would your top three tips be in getting started to help those attending the workshop.  Everyone does the meal time thing so differently, I would love to share varying perspectives, since not every method is for every family.

Conquering Meal Time Mountain with 10 Minute, $10 Dinners (& less)”

It’s 5:00pm and the dreaded, “What’s for dinner?” question beckons once again.

If there’s one day to day stress point with which every Family Manager deals, it’s getting organized in the kitchen without spending a fortune to feed the family. Let’s tackle this dilemma together as we brainstorm meal planning tips (even if you are not a planner), C.O.S.T. Cooking (Cook Once, Serve Twice), One hour power cooking sessions, and ways to save in the kitchen even if you never desire to cut coupons (gasp).

Jen will finish with ideas to make your house a haven with a “Welcome Home” mentality; entertaining on a budget is so much easier than you ever thought possible.

Thanks SO much for helping me with this. I think the comments will be fascinating for everyone to read.

Now onto some Tasty Tuesday inspiration: I can’t wait to see what you’ve been doing in the kitchen.