Reminder – Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show tomorrow –
Friday, June 26

mod·el·ing (mdl-ng)
1. The act or art of sculpturing or forming in a pliable material

It’s amazing how my daughter watches me in the little things…
things I don’t realize…things that pass me by without pause, but she notices.

She watches, she listens, she repeats…William Bennet stated, “there is nothing more influential, more determinant in a child’s life than the moral power of a quiet example.”
These precious pictures are a reminder of the power that I hold in the shaping of my childrens’ lives. Whew- I don’t take that lightly.

When I was looking through my camera card, I came across these two pictures that my daughter took of her favorite sandals.

My sweet Kindergartner wanted to be like her mommy.
She watched, listened and repeated.
She watched the little things, like her mommy taking pictures of silly feet for her blog, and she repeated what I modeled for her.
What else am I modeling, and I don’t even know it?

mod·el·ing (mdl-ng)n.
3. The act or profession of being a model.

So on a very literal note, I do think we have just met the newest generation of Frugal Fashionistas.

Do you think I should pop her bubble by telling her that her most beloved sandals have seen their better days, and I was planning on throwing the ratty things away before I saw these pictures?
Are you kidding? If she thinks these close ups are worth a Frugal Fashionista blog post, so do I…
I desire to look through the “lens” of my daughter to always peel away the layers of bedlam and see the beauty.
Don’t you want to be here in the morning when she sees her shoes are now “famous.”
Oh, it’s going to be priceless.
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How’s that for a reminder to come join us tomorrow for our Frugal Fashionista Fashion Show?
Come link up and show off what great frugal finds you’ve found in the world of fashion.
I’ll try and have the post up by midnight, so feel free to link up early. 🙂

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