Today I was completely planning on posting a follow up to
Monday’s Margin in the Rat Race of Life, but since I am frantically packing for a conference that I am going to (yes, I am now an official blogger when the thought of leaving for four days without a computer is mortifying…I am bringing my hubby’s:),
still have to finish the talk I am giving (shhhh, don’t tell them….Procrastinators Unite…tomorrow),
still need to make meals for the kids (oh, forget them…I’ve trained them, they can cook),
still need to buy a strapless bra for the awesome dress I bought (can you guess from where…with the tags still on),
still haven’t gotten out a suitcase yet….
Ok, enough already, you get the picture.
I am sure you’re asking what I am doing in front of the computer.
Good question – pull away, Jen. Come on, you can do it. Remember balance is good!!
But I wouldn’t feel right with out leaving you a point to ponder.
(You may be wondering where my beauty and bedlam moment is today….trust me….it was good, and includes my sis-in-love…mom who has born ten…yes, all hers… is that bedlam enough for you? That moment will be shared:)

Here’s the deep moment to ponder. Since we now are all rethinking our fall schedules, adding a little margin to our life, and hopefully “cleaning house” with some of those unrealistic expectations that we put on ourselves. I want to encourage you that when we really realign our priorities, there is a total light at the end of the tunnel….just ask him. He’s cleaned out, and he’s free… yes, free indeed.

Ok, I have just been informed that some people can’t see the picture. Then the post makes no sense….bummer. It’s a funny one!

Next post…straight from Dallas! (If you don’t know, I live in NC, so this is a big deal for my first time “cross country blogging.”

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