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I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately and with that has come a sobering realization. My life is completely tied into technology.
I rarely talk on the phone anymore (nor do I answer it when it rings) because Iย  directing all my contact to my email, skype or twitter.
The effectiveness of my destination’s wifi/internet access connection has a huge impact on my day. It affects my ability to multi-task. It affects my use of quality time. It affects my ability toย  relax because if I can’t get on my computer, then I can’t do my work, and if I can’t do my work, then you don’t have posts to read, and if you don’t have anything to read, then I am not doing my “job” well.
And thus, the vicious cycle continues…
I do NOT like this reliance on technology, yet it is a such a rub with reality because it is now such an integrated part of my life.
So as I put this Tasty Tuesday post up early due to my sketchyย  internet access this past week, I reflect on technology, and my love/hate relationship with it.
What does this have to do with food and recipes?
I do NOT take for granted the ways that technology revolutionizes my ease of meal planning, recipes and cooking. Tasty Tuesday alone has introduced me to so many amazing blogs, cooking styles and recipes, yet when I see my reliance on all the things requiring electricity I am very intrigued with educating myself further in regards to living off the land, and being more self sustaining.
I’ve had a garden for a few years, but am far from a Master Gardener. I want to learn more about being self sustaining in terms of food and I don’t think my seven chickens would cut it if there was a need. ๐Ÿ™‚
I spent a lot of time researching this back when Y2K was a scare and Iwas already grinding my own wheat for health and cost reasons (homemade bread) back then, but I haven’t pondered it much since then.
The bottom line is that I am truly a lazy American who LOVES my technology and electricity and am SO grateful for it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take a good hard look at what would really happen to our family if those things were taken a way for a week, month or longer.ย  Could I adapt?
Yes, I’m having way too deep of thoughts for my time at the beach, but I do think it’s interesting to think about.
What about you? How long could you maintain your household without technology or electricity?
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