In the photo shoot for this edition of Frugal Fashionista, it seems that I have encountered a few professional difficulties. This modeling stuff is hard work, and somehow my peeps will not cooperate. Sheesh – life with little people, and I don’t even have my own dressing room. 🙂

But have no worries, I have not forgotten you.
You can begin pondering the question, “Can you ever have enough Perfect Black Dresses?”
This is where my reality had to meet reason….I am definitely not a minimalist when it comes to my wardrobe. The reality is that I have a few black dresses to share.
Now, I am debating if I should actually show you all of them…we’ll see….

This is when it is not in my best interest to always be “live blogging.” I tried to finish the photo shoot today, but it started pouring, so I just soaked up my time with these precious little ones.