The cuddly, cozy factor just oozed from my bed.

I was enveloped in my own hiatus…
a haven amidst this simple place I call home.

I was snuggled up with a riveting book (which hasn’t happened much since I started blogging), and my third son climbed into bed with me.
We were sharing life together in a precious way –
our hopes, dreams, and the hidden desires of our hearts.
Feet intertwined.

We were celebrating family, and I was reveling in the fact that yes,
middle school boys do love their mommas.
Don’t listen for a minute to what everyone else tells you.

He slowly started scratching and rubbing my back. (This is the son we are trying to encourage into the dermatology field…he loves skin, poking, popping, prodding….but, unfortunately, to our financial chagrin – only his family’s….he declares.)
Slowly, he drags his finger down my thigh and exclaims in horror, “Holy cow, mom, look at that huge bulging vein. It goes all the way down your leg, and it’s so dark blue.”
My 5 year old daughter heard the commotion and decided to defend, and encourage my honor.
“Wow, it looks just like a spider web.”
(Hmm…does she know that she’s on to something? I believe they may have already termed it that, my sweet medically minded princess…spider veins, anyone?)

Since, the thigh analysis was in full force, he decided to trudge forth into the epitome of self discovery. As he smashed his two hands together around that bulging thigh of mine (just as I would imagine my womanly parts would feel during my first mammogram), he simply stated,
“Mom, your thigh is as big as my waist. Seriously, mom. It is.
Just take a look.”

Ahh….celebrating life!! Who doesn’t love it?
I guess we’ll work on his bedside manner before med school. 🙂