… there were only moments to spare, and my family was depending on me for the basic necessities of survival, but …
I didn’t want to leave my comfy, cozy home – even for double coupons up to $2 at Kmart.
I didn’t want to look at another coupon, cut it, or try and organize it,
yet I knew I needed to…it was the right thing to do!
This was an opportunity that was within my grasp, and a noncommittal attitude, and um… sheer exhaustion, didn’t quite cut it as an excuse.

The queen of best intentions had procrastinated, and the clock on the wall read 7:30 pm…Sunday evening…with destination Kmart closing their doors at 10:00pm, and the coupon deal ending for good.
Well, I dug deep, took my daughter for some bonding time, even worked in some math with her, and did it!
Today it was worth it!
Last night at 10:05 when I was the last person in the store, and it took FOREVER to ring me out because this location wasn’t a “participating” K-mart, and they had to check with their corporate location for the details….I definitely think my story would have been different.

So what were the damages?
Before coupons the total was $161, and after coupons….$55.00
(and that includes some goodies that were non-coupon items like Capri Suns, and some cookie snacks for our co-op). I saved over $100 with coupons. Now, if I do the math and figure out my hourly rate, including drive time, shopping time and coupon cutting time – $33.33 an hour. Not bad for an evening’s work. I surely am not making that typing here on the computer.
Could I have done better?
Probably, but at this point it wasn’t about just getting things for free, it was about what will we really use, and how quickly could I get outta there.
For instance, I ended up spending $1.25 on some body washes that my sons were SO excited about. They were typically $5.75, but were on sale. Then I had a $2 coupon (doubled to $4) and so I got it dirt cheap….it was so worth it, and we’ll use it quicker than I care to think about.
It wasn’t free, but what a great deal.
We now have shampoo, conditioner, air fresheners, carpet cleaners, deodorants, cleaners, lotions, unmentionables (which shheesh – those are ridiculously priced), make up, nail polish and a few other things that didn’t make it into the picture for $50, and it will last many months.

Yipee! I didn’t want to go, but now when I see how much I got and the great quality items,
it was worth it.
So what if my son said, “This is all you got for $50?”
Let’s let him pay for those household things for a month and we’ll see what he says.

These were one of the things that didn’t quite make it into the picture.
Both of my daughters got ” real fake nails” since I had a coupon for them…such fun.
They were enjoying looking very grown up (for a few minutes anyhow, until they tore them off because they were getting in the way).
This whole experience was one, long bedlam moment, and it tested my patience in many areas, but I thought I would point out specifically what my toilet bowl will now look like for 2000 flushes. Read the bottle, people.
My toilet water now looks like it’s taking residence at an old people’s home, and our dog isn’t liking that one bit.
My husband just yelled down to me …….”Jen, isn’t Lola drinking from the toilet…..it’s blue water.”
Oops…so sorry, girl! You’ll have to wait for 1,988 more flushes.
Use the dog bowl – that’s what it’s there for.

And I am sorry for all the people that have to read this post,
and didn’t even have a Kmart near them.
Are you tired of my coupon stories? I think I am…..it might be a bit before I do another one.
I WILL get to my designer clothes posts….I have to….I have them all bought and they’re waiting patiently on my coach – for me to photograph them…with me in them.
UGH! I think that’s why I am procrastinating.