Recently, our extended family gathered at our home for a visit and my older nieces and nephews asked aboutย  my “famous” burger. They wanted to see it and check out any changes that had happened in the last few years.

This post was initially shared Jan. 5, 2009 during my first year of blogging and thought I’d post this again since so many of you are new to my blog.

Can you even believe this? It’s still there, looking exactly the same and still quite a conversation starter. It’s helped me a bit since I am tip toeing through day 11 of my 17 Day Detox of sugar and carbs. This puts things back in perspective.

I love a great, big, juicy burger. In fact, I would honestly bypass a steak.

Yes, I said it!

I would bypass the meat among men, for a scrumptious burger and fries.

It’s become quite a longstanding family joke, since I did just that years ago at my brother’s rehearsal dinner.
Now,ย  I was just a mere 14 years old then. but admittedly, some things haven’t changed,



In the spirit of new healthy eating resolutions, and the attempt at disengaging my love of all things fried –

I am reminding myself what happened TWELVE YEARS AGO (updated: 16 years ago) when this burger was ordered!

Beware, I am warning you that this is the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

No lie – No exaggeration!
That date is correct!
Do you see it? Scrawled right there on the bun?

The date was written in 1997 to document a little experiment that I was trying.

Purpose: To determine If it doesn’t rot, is it still food?

(And yes, I was going through an all things natural, 100% whole food phase in my eating habits.)

This cheeseburger, from an anonymous food chain (don’t be fooled by the biscuit wrapper), was purchased and left to sit on my kitchen counter.

It was NEVER, EVER refrigerated.

What was the result?

It did not rot.
It did not mold.
It did not smell,
but it did preserve itself quite nicely, if I don’t say so myself.

You tell me!

I didn’t consume a fast food burger for two years after this experiment.

But please note…that was a decade ago.
I have found my way back to those drive thrus and we do love some $.99 double cheeseburgers! I’ve realized it’s all about moderation and balance. We try and encourage an 80/20% principleย  of whole foods to junk.

I know many of you are asking, “Why in the world did you save that all these years?”
Meet me in person, and I’ll tell you.

But can you only imagine my great, great, grand childrens surprise when they open up my hope chest and find this little bit of legacy laying there for them to …….?

Ponder? Preserve? Preheat? hee hee

Yes, it’s still a great conversation starter.

*Stay tuned for more detailed results of our true scientific findings.
I am truly hoping that in the last 12 years some things have changed in the fast food industry.
My 8th grade son’s science experiment will be asking this same question, that I asked years ago.
He is using three varying burgers, along with free range beef that we bought, and a homemade roll (better get the wheat grinding).

Oh, by the way….we’re a bit behind on this, so any help from you science guru’s would be much appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜‰