By taking the title of both barber and beautician, we have saved $1000s in our desire for debt free living. Yes, mishaps happen, but that is why I started when my boys were 2, and they had no concerns. Now, I actually have the hang of it. Plus, isn’t a little divot in the scalp every once in a while worth the hundreds of dollars you save…hee hee. It’s FREE!

So, if you’re “mom” enough to let your kids walk around for a few days with little tuffs of hair missing due to your first practice attempt, and want to save A LOT of money over the next decade…go for it! You can always just smile, and give a cute, little giggle when the elderly lady in the grocery store says, “oh, how cute, he cut his own hair.”
This was last week’s haircut….yes, I admit, I was nervous. My daughter saw a girl in the store and said that she wanted her hair cut like her. Well, that was about a 4 inch difference, and I am not even close to being that good. I tried to talk her out of it, but the amazing thing about your children is that they really trust you, and believe in you. I mean REALLY trust you!! Her eyes looked at me with that “I know you can do it, mom” look, and do you really want to let them down?
So, I went for it with fear and trepidation, and prayed that she wouldn’t end up on a psychiatrist’s couch years from now pinpointing this as being a defining downfall moment in her life.

oh, the beautiful, long blond locks

It’s grown out just a little since I cut it, but this is what she looked like immediately after she popped out of bed this morning…not fair, cute hair!
And this was last Sunday with a touch of the curling iron.
I was pretty excited…we can even get it to do that flip out thingy.

And guess what….she loves it, and still looks at me with those eyes of total trust and belief. My boys’ hair have gotten shaggy because their barber gets busy. I will do their reveal soon.:)