Thanksgiving tradition idea - apron I have noticed so many of you are onto your Christmas traditions already, and I have lots of those as well, but I wanted to
finish up with a few more Thanksgiving ideas if you haven’t decided on something meaningful to implement next week. Browse this month’s
archives if you need some inspiration.

Apron of Thanks

Every Thanksgiving, we gather at my mother’s. To show our appreciation, we surprised her with a special “apron of thanks.” We cut all six grand kids’ hand prints from different autumnal fabrics, sewed them on, and used puffy paint to make them look like turkeys. We also used the paints to add small leaves. Then we embroidered “We’re thankful for Grandma” at the top. The kids each said why they were grateful for Grandma when they presented it to her. As you might imagine, it was a tearful moment for us all.
–Julie G., Three Rivers, California
Excerpt taken from my OUAF traditions newsletter

There are many similar ideas that can be done with a slightly different theme.
Some families have each guest sign their table runner every Thanksgiving. How meaningful is
that to look back at all the different guests, and fondly remember the various meals together. You could even bullet point one blessing next to the signature and date, or take it another step further by pinning the menu to the runner. How neat to reminisce every time you unpack for the fall. ( I have heard the same tradition done for Christmas using either the table runner or the Christmas tree skirt. With the tree skirt, the children can do a hand print each year with rubber stamping dye ink or acrylic paints.)

Some wonderful crafts, which include the 5 Kernels of Corn poem to be read before your Thanksgiving feast, are located here.

Free paper model turkey for Thanksgiving

Build a Turkey for Thanksgiving!

Do you need just one idea to keep the little ones occupied?
Here is only one page to print! This is perfect for the vacation days next week when you need something to keep the kiddos busy, or in my case, when I need to count “art or history” as a subject for the day. 🙂

If you are hosting family members with children, this would be a wonderful project for them to take “ownership” of as part of their contribution to the meal.

Use as home/table decor or write your name on the tail feathers for a place card! Easy to cut out and glue together. There is a full color version and a color me version.

Have a fun and happy Thanksgiving!!

Free turkey template
Free Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Model in Color
Free color me Thanksgiving turkey
Free Thanksgiving Turkey BW Color Me Paper Model
Coloring Version
How to build the free thanksgiving turkey
Instructions for Paper Model Thanksgiving Turkey