Third power? Do you remember what that means?Just a little math to get your fuzzy brains thinking this weekend. If you don’t want to think, you can scroll down for the yard sale treasures.:)

I just started blogging, and I am excited to say that I have received my first ever web award, and I thank Lauren 100 times over. She used to baby sit for my kids. We lost touch through the years, but found each other again through the web…isn’t technology amazing? She is getting married in Dec. and is the sweetest, cutest thing ever…oh, to be young and in love (clarify…I am very much in love, it’s the young part that is debatable).
Now, a little math quiz for you.
If Jennifer P (who is ‘famous’ in blog world) nominated Lauren (who will now be famous in blogland), and then Lauren nominated me…does that make me famous?
Remember….if A=B, and B=C, then C=A…..
Anyone remember which property that is?
This home school mom needs to dust off the summer cobwebs.

Thanks ladies for making my entry into blogging this month so enjoyable. When you’re famous, don’t forget the little people….hee hee.

What would a Saturday be without sharing my amazing finds…I have to save the best of the best for another post because I need help from you all, and want to have the time to solicit it.:)

Whenever I find little baskets, cute container or trays, I pick them up for when I bring meals to people or if I want to give a friend a “I’m thinking of you” expression of love. I will paint this metal tray black and it will be perfect to give to someone “just because”.
There’s a beautiful crystal doorknob that you can’t see very well….for the girls’ room, a few “classic” movies. After our “singing in the rain” experience/post, this is a must see for the fam. Cute swim suit for next year, and balancing on their cute booties is a clip rack to hold my Homemade Gourmet products when I do booths. That is a find for me.
I picked up these four pictures for $1.
They are in great shape with beautiful mats/frames that I will paint and re-purpose.
Cute black planter…definitely change that out, and this ‘American Girl’ doll sofa for $1.
Yes, that’s right…a BUCK!!
Please SIT DOWN…
if you have any girlies in your home because I may make you covet, and that’s definitely not my intention.
At another yard sale, I also purchased SAMANTHA in mint condition with 6 Pleasant Girl outfits….yes, 6 PG American Girl doll outfits for $30. That is a find of the century!
I have been trying so hard to sneak and get a picture but it will be for this cutey for Christmas. Every time I get near the closet with the camera she wants to know what I am doing.:)
Just imagine that we’ve already purchased our great, new camera…are you imagining? Good…remember that I am redoing the girls’ room (yea, yea….I’ve been saying that forever, but do you know how hard it is to get around to painting all by yourself?)
Sorry, I’ve tangented….look closely, there’s one of those cute crystal beady type things and great green fabric…$2. Don’t worry…that is not a mistreatment. It’s just been thrown up there so you can see the “Before.” (ha..that’s a good one, they’ll never know).

A cool wall hanging from the Bombay Company. Do you know how much that probably sold for retail? My price – $1. I am going to lightly wash it out with some black. Yes, I know it’s not rotated…couldn’t figure it out….turn your neck and deal with it.:)
So cute…the flipflops, not the pedicure.
My daughter couldn’t schedule me in for an appointment yet.
Cute chair pads, table cloth and cool plastic dish (one that I can leave at someone’s house)
$2 total.
Can you tell my girls are loving this. They insisted on every picture.
I have an entire cabinet devoted to candles, and candle holders.
You think I am joking…no. Why don’t people burn candles? Too expensive? Not when you pick them up second hand.
I NEVER pass up a candle and many times they are brand new.
All of the ones in this .69 basket (hee hee) are brand spanking new and were in the boxes.
We eat every evening meal by candlelight even if it is pizza or mac and cheese.
I am going to do a whole post about atmosphere
at the dinner table because that is one thing I do right.
It sets such a soothing atmosphere….oh, I could go on and on….I’ll wait.
I can’t wait to use those candy cane candles….everything in the basket…$3
(including the adorable glass butterfly holder which is much cuter in real life).

I bet you all thought I had no bedlam moment to share….you’re wrong.
Look what I happened upon in my front yard.
For all those of you who aren’t rocket scientists…this is one of my outside plant stands.
Do you see any flowers? Anywhere?
This is a planter….an empty planter.
Do you see a few dead flowers in there somewhere?
I won’t bore you with more pictures, but my flowers are scattered through out the yard.
Meet Rex, and his son, Jack.
Jack lives next door with my brother, but he decided to come and “play.”
Like Father like Son. Is it all about them?
Have they no respect for all the work I put into my poor little pitiful flower attempts….grr…I choose joy…really.:)
God saw fit to grace me through this lesson.
Walmart just put all their hanging baskets on sale for $2/piece!:)
Come back when I reveal my really amazing find…even better than the AG doll.