When one has a large family, recipes that feed a crowd, yet taste delicious, are always on my radar. The Texas Sheet Cake certainly fits that the criteria, and what’s even better is that is bakes in TEN minutes. Yes, ten! I had to double check just to make sure. I love Simple Holiday Recipes.
Typically, I am not a huge chocolate cake lover, but the Texas Sheet Cake offers a whole new dynamic, one that you do not want to miss trying. It’s almost more like one large brownie that I could sit and eat all day.
My reader, Maggie, shared her Grandma’s version of the Texas Sheet Cake, and the story behind it. She knows LARGE families for sure.

My grandmother is the youngest of 13—yes, you read correctly—13 children. She was raised on a farm and as a young girl, grandma spent hours in the kitchen helping her mother and sisters prepare meals for the family and continuous stream of visitors. Knowing your way around a kitchen must be genetic, because fortunately, Grandma passed down her love of cooking and baking to my father.
My dad’s all-time favorite dessert is Grandma’s Texas Sheet Cake. Over the years, the cake has become a staple at football tailgates, parties, and barbeques. In college, dad even mailed me a batch for Valentine’s Day—did I mention he’s the best?
If you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing, daughter-approved dessert for your next event, or just a special Wednesday night treat, try Grandma’s Texas Sheet Cake.