This post is all about celebrating those of you who link up here every week.

I’ve realized how this whole world wide web has completely altered how we live life, especially when my internet was not working this morning and I had to put up a post. I felt a tad bit of desperation.

How can that happen with an inanimate object? But it did.

I am now 10 miles down the road using a wonderful benefactor’s wifi, and so appreciative of technology.

When I first began hosting Tasty Tuesday, there were virtually no other recipe link ups on the web, and now we are inundated with them, especially on Tuesdays.

I know that you all don’t get nearly the same amount of traffic as you used to for linking up, partly because there are now so many choices, so today I am encouraging every one to spend a few minutes using this tool to find some great recipe ideas for your weekly meal plan.

Leave an encouraging word on a new to you blog. Visit a new site. Don’t just link and run. A comment can completely make someones day.

SO much time and effort is put into sharing these wonderful recipes and I want you to know that you are truly appreciated.

I’ve met so many wonderful friends through you all linking up on Tuesdays, so thank you. (And thank you for being patient with me as my posts have gone up at varying times. I know it’s frustrated many of you, and myself actually)  For me, I can’t give a full time hourly commitment to my blog, even though it often demands that, so I have come to terms with my Good ‘enough” Schedule.