The meal started off so perfectly.
There was nothing that whispered “it’s grilling time” more than this warm North Carolina spring evening.
Grilled to perfection, the short dated steak kabobs my meat manager marked down for me graced our memorable meal time. I love a simple, yet beautifully presented meal (remember that irony later in my post :).
I dreamed of using my very own home grown peppers that would be ripe in another month…
Feeling an extra boost of energy at 9:00 pm, I spontaneously decided to grill ten pounds of various meats at one time, and do some bulk freezer meals in the morning.There was a bit of bedlam going on with our grill, which I should have seen as serious foreshadowing. The lamb chops had a mind of their own.

(Remember how one of my frugal tips is to get to know your meat managers, and ask them to mark down short dated items? For these, he actually tracked me down in the aisles to give me two $37 cuts of meat for $5.)
Well, since Tasty Tuesday is hosted at Balancing Beauty AND Bedlam, I feel in all honesty that full disclosure is the best policy. How boring if I just stick with the beauty aspect of meal time. 🙂

I realize that you will not get this at a true foodie blog, nor would Southern Living dare disclose their bedlam, but since this is my spot…reality it is.
I know that confession is good for the soul. 🙂
That evening, my sweet husband helped me finish the grilling. I went inside, cleaned the kitchen and went to bed.
One week later, I asked my son to put something on the grill. I was shocked because he mentioned that the propane was out, and we’d need more.
I “knew” that could not be true because we had just spent $20 to refill it.
Can anyone guess the end to my story? Can you put a name to this total bedlam moment?

My husband sheepishly admitted that he had completely forgotten about the meat on the grill, and this was the end result of my planned Tasty Tuesday post. 🙂 He thought I would just forget about it and an inquiry would never occur.
First, I was praising the Lord that our house did not burn down.
Second, I was laughing hilariously that the meat was burned so badly that even our cats (or dogs) wouldn’t touch it, and
third, the irony was not lost on me that this frugal living “expert” used $20 worth of propane on her very cheap, marked down, now completely scorched, meat.
Any one care to guess what it was?
Or better yet, this is open comment Tuesday to share your best bedlam cooking moments. Come on, we’ve all been there, and after the week I’ve had, I could use some good chuckles. 🙂

Now, for those of you who need true recipe inspiration besides my kabobs and charred meats, have fun searching below.

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