Last month I shared my “Tackle It Challenge” with you all.

Yes, attacking my outdoor plastic furniture and siding had to be done.

Big chores like this are my downfall. Seriously. (Well, if you want the absolute truth, even many of the little chores.)

People always ask me how I do it all? I don’t. Gross things like this fall through the cracks more often than I care to admit, and really, that’s one of the reasons I love to host people in our home.

There’s nothing better than feeding 70 people at our son’s graduation party, and serving it on this very table, AGAINST this very side of our house, to get us completely cleaning it.

The only downfall with cleaning like this is that the more one cleans, the more one realizes there are so many other things to clean. Can I hear an “amen?” For instance, that back door and frame needs to be completely replaced, but that’s another topic. 😉

As stressful as it was to start getting all these things done, it was so worth it. I won’t lie, I delegated the cleaning of the siding to the men in my life, so don’t be too impressed.

I’ve found the frugal beauty of tackling so many of these chores is just a cabinet away.

Since I’ve been a little girl, my mom has stocked Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. The irony is that I’ve taken it to a whole new level and keep the industrial size ready and waiting for me for so many of my cleaning needs.

I’ve found that Baking Soda is what I reach for nearly every day with little clean up messes, but now that I have tackled some larger projects, I know it’s industrial size worthy of those as well.

Just a mixture of baking soda and water makes a paste that can get nearly anything clean with just a little elbow grease, and yes, for pennies on the dollar. My friend even shared that she tackled her outside grill. She scrubbed the paste on the metal and the grease came off, making it look so new. Now that challenge, I would not have thought of, but I love the tip.

So did any of you take up my Tackle It Challenge?

If not, don’t worry, just set a small goal and begin today. You can do it!

Since most of us have Baking Soda stocked in our pantry, what are some of your favorite uses for it?

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