If you’ve spent any time here, you know I am one not to get caught up in a good marketing ploy. If I listened to every “can’t live without” sign, I’d have to kick the kids out of their room for my shopping storage, yet, when I see a sign that says the “It List” for spring, I definitely perk up and study it carefully.

Even though I have my strong frugal fashionista tendencies, I still want to make sure I am aware of the fashion trends.ย  I would not want to lead you all astray with my shopping habits.

Plus, with Mother’s Day looming, some of us may need to enjoy buying their own present. Does anyone else do that?

As I show you a few of these “It List” pieces (found at Tanger Outlets J Crew), please note that a few of these listed I can not pull off, and of course, it would be #1- a fedora straw hat. The thought if it makes me feel fashionable and hip, until I put it on, and I look so….ah, “trying to hard” might be what people would whisper.

The rest of these I love, and I will actually add a few of these essentials to my wardrobe for the summer. Now, #12, the 3″ Chino Shorts are quite debatable. These legs have a lot of working out to do before they could pull those off, but it’s something to shoot for when I sweat through the 30 (which has led to 90) day shred.

A few weeks ago, my family spent the afternoon at Tanger Outlets, and I shared my five tips to saving big at the outlets. All of these pictures I took during our shopping trip and my eyes always gravitate to the mannequins.

I love to try and strategize with my wardrobe and visualize what pieces I can put together from what I already own, and then think through the accessorizes I should invest in to re-make my older outfits.

Green and black layering ofย  T-shirts, along with this long necklace and amazing layering of bracelets, make this outfit pop. What I love about this is that if you switch out the white shorts for nice jeans or black pants, it’s perfect for a night on the town.

(I’ve moved on now from J Crew with this picture above, andย  I can’t remember where I took it. Know that it’s possibly Banana Republic, Gap, Talbots, Loft, but if you recognize the store, let me know. ;))

Two years ago, I wrote about purchasing Trench Coats as part of your core wardrobe. I admit, little black dresses and trench coats are my weakness. You can throw on a trench coat and look great. No one has to know that you have baby spit up and a big rip in your shirt if you have a great trench coat and accessories. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What I love about this picture is the necklace. Isn’t it Eye Catching? Talk about a statement piece. This is it!ย  Most of you probably have a coat similar to this and some kind of cotton button down shirt. Grab them, and go find a BIG, HUGE, necklace or better yet, buy this one was at the Tanger J Crew Outlet, and use the $10 off coupon.

Now we are onto my favorite part of the It List – SCARVES!!

You all know that I have an affinity for scarves. Yes, I chuckle now at all of my video tutorials of how to tie a scarf, since the quality is that of a novice blogger, but at least you know my heart was in the right place. ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the aspects I appreciate the most about scarves is that they can take a typical, every day T-shirt and completely revolutionize an outfit.

We all have basic T-shirts in our wardrobe. Invest in some summer scarves and rock those tees.

This is such an elegant look with a tank top completely dressed up by adding a gorgeous scarf. I love how they have it hanging loosely, along with the purple necklace tying together all the colors.

This inspired me in a new way. Remember in my last Frugal Fashionista post I mentioned I am trying to mix up the patterns a bit?

Well, I would never have thought to put this striped shirt with this patterned scarf, yet I really, really like it. It’s a great inspiration piece for me.

Don’t forget to use those scarves for more than just around your neck. They make great belts, hair bands, as well as a great addition to your purchase. Many times I will tie one around the handle just to accessorize the outfit that much more.

We’ve been dreaming about our own Mother’s Day purchases (or at least I have), but I would be remiss not to show you some of the best deals of our trip. This is our 16 year old. Yes, I know you feel for me feeding this wonderful child man. At nearly 6’4″ and 255 pounds, I can’t keep him dressed in clothes that fit, and second hand finds are hit or miss. We scoped out all the clearance sections and found some great buys. Since the outlets are already discounted, I also find items that are clearances, and then pair the coupons on top of that. Yes,ย  great finds to be had by all.

Don’t laugh, but this is what I bought myself – a sander, oh yes, I did. From the Tanger Outlet Direct Tool store, I used my Groupon, and then the realization hit that I am either getting old or I have really started grooming my DIY gene when that purchased truly excited me.

I spent lots of time just enjoying the Kitchen Stores. I dream a lot about all the things I want, but then only purchased a few things I needed.

And now my virtual shopping spree ends on my biggest, hugest WANT (well, next to the Vitamix or Blendtech that I still haven’t purchased).

I literally spent 45 minutes in the Le Creuset store. This is the picture I posted on my facebook page while I was shopping and in the middle of my deliberation. These cookware pieces are a huge investment, but one that lasts a lifetime because these are the kind of pieces that you pass down to your grandchildren. It was fun to read the comments after I posted it. Some readers have been given them, but they had no idea the treasure that had been gifted. I went back and forth on this. They had a whole table that were “scratch and dent” pieces. Small scratches, not even noticeable, but still deemed them “seconds.” Those are the kinds of buys I look for since one day in our home and they are “seconds” anyhow.

With our family size, I am looking at some of the largest pieces – the 9 quart, but even at the discount, it still would have run around $200. Yes, I told you, an investment, but quality kitchen tools are one of those investments that I really believe in. I didn’t buy it this time, but I did bring my hubby in and showed him the piece that is on my “Someday” list.

That was quite the eclectic post, but I guess that’s what I enjoy about the Tanger Outlet malls. There’s a little something for every one, and if you apply my five tips to saving big, you really can maximize your budget.

So, we ‘ve walked through some fun fashion ideas for the summer, and I’ve shared my Dream Purchase from Tanger Outlets.

Now, I would love to know what is your dream Shopping Spree item?

Tanger wants to help in the savings department by offering a great value on their Gift Cards. Head to Tanger this weekend, and use theirย  Mother’s Day Coupon: $10 off $50 Gift Card Purchase.

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I have enjoyed being a Tanger Blog Ambassador.