Love using little votives for succulents
It was my first apartment and someone gifted me a lovely potted plant. There were a few varieties planted in the base and soon, they all died, except for one.

Hens and Chicks Succulent

I couldn’t identify it, but I knew it was not only unique, but hardy. While all the other plants had tall stems and leaves, this snuggled the ground, perfect for a brown thumb girl like me.

Gorgeous - Succulents planted in stump

I came to find out it was a succulent, hen and chick to be exact, and it lasted for years. It didn’t need much water, which was right up my alley since I forgot to water it most weeks. It just needed a little TLC every once in awhile. 

Decorating with Succulents

Many things have changed since that first apartment of mine,  but growing and maintaining gorgeous indoor plants is one thing that’s stayed the same. I’m challenged.

Words of truth - grace for today
That why my love of succulents touches many aspects of our home. For the most part, once you understand them, they’re easy. Now some varieties are a bit fragile, but most super hardy. Definitely seek those out.

Little pops of pretty - succulents

How do I take care of succulents

I planned on naming this post: “The Plant You Can Never Kill” and then one of mine died. I overwatered it, which is the biggest no no in the world of succulents. They must have excellent drainage and you only water them when the soil is completely dry. I love using little tea cups and votives to display them. It just makes me happy, but you need to make sure the bottom either has a small hole for drainage or in this case, the soil must be elevated, so put pebbles or rocks down first before the root ball.

Use wine glasses for succulents

Adding fresh greenery to kitchen shelves

There are hundreds of varieties. Don’t you just love God’s creativity?

(Well, and a little Ikea creativity too, since that plant in the middle is a $5 fake and I love it to pieces.)

Decorating throughout the home with small succulents

I'm having so much with succulents. Fun way to add life around the home

While the weeks I displayed this succulent underneath my cloche were delightful, the plant didn’t really think so. I was fairly certain it would not work due to the excessive moisture that would built up, but I used a plate to elevate it enough so that enough air would come it.

It didn’t.

Great for a few days of company, but not a realistic long term plan. 🙂

Adding to the kitchen island

My island ends up being a catch all for all the little pretties that I want to see daily. Yes, it might get a little full, but I love the word reminders.

I can’t tell you what a few dollars worth of succulents in the kitchen, plus shopping our home for the containers and using some of my favorite Daily Grace sugar bowl  (since I know you’ll ask), can do to brighten up our home and make it such a happy space.

So Brown Thumbs Unite!! There’s hope for us all and it comes in the form of succulent love.

Have any of you used Succulents throughout your home? What have you done?

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