“MMOOOOOMMMMM, I want to do that!
Mom, can I please paint….Mom, it’s my turn now.”
I am going to make a sweeping statement and assume that my household is not the only home where these words ring true.
Just when you are in that sweet spot with a project, the kids want to be the best helpers every imaginable. How is that?
Where was that help when you were begging for it two hours ago?
Again, I am trying to find the balance. This time the balance of making my ‘haven’ a little homier, without completely excluding the kids (namely…the girls).So…I went here, and bought these fun things. (Each project runs less than $1.50.)
And then broke this funner thing…grrrrr!
And had way too much of this thing (paper, that is).
Please tell me I am not the only one who collects beautiful scrapbook paper?
And in about one hour….with some guidelines….
we had two “Pottery Barn” masterpieces,
one happy mommy, and some sweeter than sweet girlies.
Due to the lack of details on my camera, you can’t quite see the glitter, but we added it on the body of the butterfly. It adds a really nice touch.
I also used a pop up dot to give the 3D look (which you can’t see.:)
Since so many of our “crafts” are ones that end up in the garbage, I really wanted these to be something that the girls could put in their room that would add to the new decor.
With the Pottery Barn theme in mind, I said they had to paint the frames and hooks in solid colors (yep…smart, I know). I let them pick from the color palate that we are working with. After they accepted the fact that they couldn’t do the frame in all 5 of the colors, they got to work. 🙂
We choose all coordinating scrapbook papers.
Again, just a little clear crystal glitter on the end of the knob and center of the flower.
We added ribbon to hang it.
This was fun! I had just picked up this pink crystal fringe at a yard sale on Sat. What a timely find and it added just the right touch. I also used it for the hanger.
The girlies were SO exacted.
“Ohhhh…..momma…..F-A-N-C-Y” they exclaimed…really dragging the fancy out.
Again I used the pop up dots behind the picture for depth. I think I may take the girls picture off and just give it a little colored mat under it…shhh….don’t tell. Do you think they’ll notice that I messed with their masterpiece? Ya, right.
We are going to do two more rectangle frames so that I can hang them in a grouping of five with this one in the middle. It should be very cute. Best of all, they did these all by themselves (including the 5 year old) and I love it as well…seriously. Not just in a “mom has to love it because they’re my daughters kind of way.” But, I really like them. This could be done for boys rooms with sports paper or even with more adult looks. This definitely isn’t just a kids craft, the possibilities are endless.:) Best of all….I was being an intentional mommy.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that we have a bedlam moment every day.
If I had been blogging for a long time, and you all “knew” me well, I think I could tell this one. BUT for all ten of you..I really, really, really want you to come back and this would definitely be a stopping point.
Since I want to be real, let me say it was gross.
Gross enough that I lost my cool with our oldest son, and then when all the kids came to see what the commotion was all about, reality set in and we laughed so hard we were practically crying. It was one of those moments, but we did find the joy in it. When I told my hubby, even he just shook his head and chuckled.
AH – life is never dull.
Just imagine one dehydrated dog…
I mean so dehydrated that when we opened the door,
he charged into the bathroom looking for water.
So, one dehydrated dog, a really gross unflushed toilet, and throw up….need I go on?
Once you get to know me better, come on back and then I will share.:)
BEDLAM I TELL YOU…sheer bedlam!:)