I begin today with my bedlam moment.
My husband and sons were coming home from golfing when they eyed this lovely piece of God’s creation (remember…choose joy). It was enjoying a leisurely sun bath by our front stairs.Isn’t it beautiful…look at those gorgeous markings.
Only a God of extreme creativity
could create a color palette like that.
(I put that comment in for those artsy ladies out there).:)
Here is our cat, slowly stalking this glorious creature.
I have a feeling this may not end pretty.
I am now screaming to get a shovel or something.
We need to kill this thing…I mean glorious creature… before it kills the cat.
So my man’s man, on a blaze of glory,
challenge the little men of the house to fight for the honor of their women…

I bought this snake for .25 at a yard sale and we have had more fun than a person should have. (It’s ok, you can laugh at us instead of with us.)
It is one of those snakes from a specialty toy store,
so the detail and believability is incredible.

There is truth to that story.
The guys were coming home from golf and came across a copperhead.
They did kill it…with the wheel of the car…lol.
I did have a baby copperhead come up to my patio…last year. I did kill it…with a shovel.
It’s a good thing that I have a strong heart because my sons keep hiding it in peculiar places.
Even though they have done it oh…a dozen times…
I keep jumping.
AHH…such a girl, and I am not even afraid of snakes (for the most part).
This is the one that really got me.
They tucked under all the sheets so that when I got in bed,
I felt something hard….they think they are so hilarious!
If you’ve read this far, I will tell you the best use of our .25. My dear sis in love with the ten kids who lives next store to us, and is DEATHLY afraid of snakes came down. So, so, sorry dear one. It was just too tempting.
We hid the snake in the kitchen and I walked through how to act this out with the kids. I wanted Academy Award nominees for this one. Well, they were just too excited (it was the little guys, not my older ones). Instead of waiting till she saw the snake and then screaming and pointing (which is how the director…me…coached them), they just started screaming and jumping up and down as soon as she walked into the kitchen. As much as the director wanted to “take two” with live…umm….live, you just can’t do that. It played out perfectly. She went screaming into my great room, and jumped up onto our ottoman yelling…”what, what.” I am laughing out loud just reliving it.
Ahhh…joy in the little things.
We checked to see if the old pace makers were still working, and then we laughed – oh we laughed.
She declared, “Well, I didn’t even see the snake but I knew it had to be bad if you were screaming.”
Thanks for being such a great sport. It makes me and the kids love you even more. This is one of those moments that you think you’ll never forget, but unless you “write” it down, it does slip away. I have had too many of those memories lost, and didn’t want to miss this one.
Beauty and bedlam…what a beautiful balance!!