This is just like Momma Used to Make only So much easier - Chicken and Dumplings in Crock pot

What is it that draws us all to go ‘ole comfort food? When our family has bowls of these super easy, Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings in front of us, we do a collective sigh. Well, I do, my teens just gobble it up before a breath occurs, so I know this recipe is Kid Tested, Mother Approved.

I have a repertoire of Slow Cooker recipes that are always a winner in our home, and this is one of them. It lends itself to many variations, so note the options. The picture above shows the traditional Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings recipe, in which I added chopped, fresh carrots, and only carrots. I have also made this by adding mixed veggies, potatoes, celery and carrots for more of a “Pot Pie” rendition. I have even added in half of a tub of Kraft’s new Philadephia Cooking Cream (Italian Cheese and Herb) for an additional option when I was making larger batches.

You can’t really go wrong with this base recipe. Make this once and then you can decide how you want to change it up for the next time. It’s so easy, and by using Refrigerated Biscuits, you fool everyone into thinking you spent all day in the kitchen.

Honestly though, homemade dumplings are a breeze and if you do have five extra minutes, you can whip up the homemade dumpling recipe and then drop the dough in at the end, where the recipe calls for the biscuits.

* This is a perfect Ten Minute Dinner, as well as one to teach the kids during your Cooking with Your Kids Days.

Enjoy a meal of pure comfort delight, along with your family’s praise. They’ll never need to know how easy it was, until they take over the cooking for a day. 🙂