As the snow melts and spring nods its head to promise of things to come, my mind turns towards ideas to brighten and freshen up my home.

Since I am all about the themes of repurpose, refresh and reuse, I am anxious for spring yard sale season where I find someone else’s trash and make it my treasure. With a fresh coat of paint, I add whimsy and fun to some of the areas in my home that need a pick me up, but as I look around my family and dining room, there are certain unique aspects I want highlighted.  Right now, there are empty spots waiting to be filled, and for those few areas, I’m willing to invest a bit more if I know they are multi-versatile accent pieces.

I think of home accent pieces in a very similar manner to the way I think of core wardrobe pieces with statement jewelry. I embrace a more neutral palette theme, but then dress it up with dynamic finds.

A one of a kind piece that serves as a focal point is a great goal, but I also want to identify where else it can be used in my home?

Plus, I want to love it.

Too often, I fall into the trap of purchasing something I kind of like, and hope I can make it fit. Those things end up in my attic without much use because I didn’t love them.

As I search out some new accent pieces, I now remember this great quote,

“Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

Last weekend, I was introduced to another source of great home inspiration, a free Home Fashion Workshop put on by some of the designers at Havertys . The workshop was approximately thirty minutes long and they walked us through a living room, bedroom and nook near the stairs/foyer area.

They demonstrated how to mix and match some of their A La Carte collection pieces and gave us tips on how to fit those into our master decorating plan. I think many of us fall into a “matchy, matchy” syndrome when it comes to our home. That “room to go” look is safe and easy, yet it doesn’t always inspire us. They gave great ideas for mixing various wood tones and textures.

This is not just a fun way to change up the look of a room, but also allows us to think outside the box when arranging our room. For instance, why not use a desk as a vanity or pair a side table with a sofa?

I love the look here that they did with this sofa and side table. Do you know there’s no set rule for arm height when it comes to sofas? These look great together even though the side table is a bit taller than your traditional sofa table. I love how they wove the subtle diamond pattern throughout the room three times. Remember the rule of threes in design.

Yes, the rule of threes is used not just in photography, but also when designing rooms. The overall idea of the “rule” is that objects, items patterns, elements or even colors are more effective and dramatic when paired in threes, as opposed to other numbers.

Whether you repeat a pattern or a color or a style, three times is the recommendation to create the cohesive look that you desire.

Let’s play I spy. Do you see the rule of three in these pictures?

It’s on the coffee table, side table and then on the other side of the room with the hutch. There’s even a hint of it in the rug, but I missed a shot of the floor and I wish I would have gotten a full shot of this area.

I have a new found love of rugs. They create such a perfect focal point in so many rooms and honestly, they can be considered artwork if you find just the right piece. Rugs can be the anchor in a room by pulling colors together.

I went to the Home Fashion workshop intending to hustle out and make it to my daughter’s basketball game. Instead, I made myself at home and gleaned wisdom from their helpful staff by asking many of my design questions I always appreciate family owned businesses and after I drilled politely questioned the manager, I found out he had been at this store for 29 years and his staff averaged 17 years at this same store.  To me, that tells me a lot about the quality of a business and how well corporate treats their employees.  You could sense the comradery.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new sofa and two rugs. Yes, I still have an oversized olive green sofa from the late 90’s that’s so comfy, but is a complete eyesore. I’ve been holding out for the perfect one (a light slip covered look) and they had one that fit what I am looking for. The associate I worked with just emailed me to let me know it went on sale and I’m so tempted. I do admit though, I purchased a rug that I just love and I picked it out specifically to go with my new sofa. (Thinking ahead, I am.)

Do you need a little new design inspiration?

Are you trying to learn how to accessorize in your home and are a bit stuck?

What’s one aspect in your home that you really desire to work on this spring?

It’s amazing how this workshop got my creative juices going to use things I already have, but also to view things in a new way. I encourage you to check out your  local Havertys store for their upcoming Home Fashion Workshop. It was fun to see the groups of girlfriends that attend each workshop together. Now, I see why it’s a perfect girl’s day out (plus, they started us out on some great coffee and treats.)

Pencil in the next dates and themes of the upcoming workshops   –

  • April 13: SPRING COLOR TRENDS 2013
  • June 15:  FINDING YOUR STYLE (Safari feature)
  • August 10: MASTER PLAN (how to plan ahead when shopping for pieces, picking pieces that will multi-task & work in your next house/in another room)
  • December 7: 5-MINUTE MAKEOVERS

Experience a Havertys Home Fashion Workshop for yourself. You’ll be so glad that you did.
Be sure to reserve your space now for the next workshop on April 13th. Visit to learn more.