Unique ornament traditions hold a special place in my heart. Each year I give our children a special ornament. Sometimes we make it together, but most times I buy one that symbolizes something special in their year. When they leave our nest, I will be launching them with their own set of ornaments to start their own traditions. I shared a bit about our ornaments a few years back and when I heard what Shena did each year, I was excited to have her share.

Our family has a long honored tradition. Every Thanksgiving, we had the opportunity to spend time with my Grandma,  and she would plan a craft for the girls.

She passed away much too young and I missed being able to this.  Sometimes, my mom would do it with us after grandma passed away, but I swore when my kids were old enough I would do this.

I love it because most  Thanksgivings there isn’t much to do and it gave me something great to remember and look forward to each year.  Eventually even the men of the family would join in.

I specifically made our craft a Simple Christmas ornament.  I had to come up with ideas that were easy enough for all my kids to be able to make their own, yet short enough to hold their attention.

I tried something a little harder one year,  can we say epic fail!?!?!   I was the one that ended up making five extra ornaments.  It wasn’t fun!

This is a super quick, inexpensive, and easy Christmas ornaments you can make with your kids!


I love to go back and read what my kids wanted that year and see how cute their young hand wrote their list.

A little about Shena: I’m a busy stay-at-home- mom of 5.  I’m a professional photographer as much as I they allow me to be.  My husband is amazing supportive of my crazy ideas and is great to help work out the kinks and somehow makes it all come together when I can’t make it work.  🙂  What a guy!  I feel very blessed with the life I have.  I’m one that literally hates spending money on things I can make cheaper and way cuter on my own.  I love crafts of all kinds.  I love to paint, sew, knit, crotchet, scrapbook….  I am willing to dip my hand in a number of things to say I have tried it.  lol  My mom has such a gift of doing such things and so grateful she taught me to be like her!