writing lettter
One of the things I cherish here at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam is the interaction and community that is created in my comment section, but also the stories that you email me. Every week, I receive blessings galore when I open my in box and read your about your latest Frugal Fashionista find or personal finance story.
The majority of you do not have blogs to share those success stories, so I want to begin a new weekly feature where those of you without blogs can be featured and encourage others with how you are “Living on Less and Loving It.”
The door is wide open with what you can share. For example, it may be just a picture and break down of your latest grocery trip where you saved so much with coupons or possibly your latest Trash To Treasure Redo. Many of you have made huge strides towards getting debt free and you’d like to share some of your life lessons along the way. I think this will be such a huge encouragement to my readers and I would love to feature you!
Send me your stories and let’s share LIFE together…both the beauty and the bedlam of Balancing Beauty, Bedla, and the BUDGET.