I know when you popped over here this morning, you never imagined that human trafficking would be my appeal. In fact, as a mother of daughters, this topic is something  I can’t begin to wrap my brain around in any way shape or form. It typically paralyzes me, yet this week, there’s something practical that I can do.

Sometimes, readers come here for ideas on how to get things for free, yet imagine NEVER having the opportunity to be free yourself.

Yes, slavery! Human trafficking is happening world wide, and even throughout America, but this week I am raising awareness specifically to Somaly Mum’s Foundation. At 12 years old, Somaly was sold into slavery, as one of the 30,000 girls enslaved in Cambodia, with some as young as three years old.

Imagine that? How can our precious jewels, our princesses, our treasured daughters be sold into slavery and then forced into tortuous activities and crimes against their bodies day in and day out?

I know, this isn’t fun and family, friendly frugal tips for our Monday morning reading, but please continue on. This matters.

 Each week, Sevenly partners with one charity. ONE WEEK, ONE CAUSE, and this week, your purchase of a “BE FREE” tee shirt or tote bag, will help rescue child victims of sex-trafficking who are enslaved in brothels.

More specifically, $14 dollars from every purchase will go specifically to  support an undercover investigation and brothel raid that rescues young girls who are being trafficked. These girls will be freed from their oppressors and placed in a safe environment where they are provided food, shelter, medical and psychological care.

YOUR PURCHASE doesn’t just go to an unseen cause. $14 from every purchase is slated for this RAID. You will HELP rescue those who are not free.

The Somaly Mam Foundation is committed to ending slavery. With the vision and leadership of world renowned Cambodian activist and sex slavery survivor Somaly Mam, the Foundation focuses on eradicating the root causes of human trafficking and empowering survivors of this heinous crime to thrive as independent members of society.

Go Ahead, it’s so worth it. Click here and purchase a BE FREE Tshirt and help others achieve what we take for granted. This is just a sampling of the styles they have. There are different colors, styles, and sweatshirts available.

If you are not in the position to make a purchase this week, will you please help spread the word by pinning this post, so that others will be made aware of the amazing work that they are doing?

Do you have a blog and want to help spread the word through am affiliate partnership?

I have chosen to work in partnership this month to raise awareness for Sevenly, and what they are doing. We have set up an amazing affiliate program, which marinades the best of business. As an affiliate, you benefit for your time and work in spreading the word, but the charities are the real winners. This is a wonderful opportunity to blend philanthropy and business, outside your typical giving.

Sevenly is beginning to raise awareness with the media, and if you are interested in seeing a bit more, click here to see a recent news feature on their company.

If you are familiar with how affiliate programs work, please head over to Sevenly.org and scroll to the bottom where it says “Become an affiliate.” If you have any questions, I am more than willing to help walk you through the process.