This week’s Fashionista post has a completely different twist: Fashion For a Cause.

Every once in awhile a new company comes along whose mission melds so perfectly with mine, I can’t help but want to share.

Yes, I admit, it helps that my big, sweet brother is on the board of this company, so I know with 100% certainty, that the hearts behind this mission are innovative, compassionate, and whose desire is to do great things with what they are developing.

Sevenly’s mission is to harness the power of art and community to build sustainable awareness and funding movements that support charities in their efforts to change the world.

Those are big words for: DO GOOD!! And I want to help through social media.

Each week, Sevenly partners with one charity. ONE WEEK, ONE CAUSE, and $7 from each purchase goes directly to the charity.

As consumers, we are inundated with requests for help. We can’t turn on the TV for one second without knowing of the needs all around us. We all do our best to help fund charitable giving, but it never seems like enough.

What I appreciate about Sevenly is that there is an opportunity to support an amazing cause, while receiving some great fashion pieces at the same time. The line is perfect for gifts, and each purchase this week supports one starving child in Thailand for one month. Enclosed in your purchase is a high quality “cause card” that shows a picture of someone in that part of the world which your purchase is helping. It also has the campaign tagline… “this shirt provided…..

Every week it’s a new charity, which means a new design and art work. As you can see, these are not just your typical Tees. The charities have commissioned artists to work specifically with them so each shirt is ONLY available for one week and then it’s gone.

This week’s T-shirt purchase will feed one starving child in Thailand for one month. It’s crazy to wrap my brain around the fact of how we can so easily help.

Feed My Starving Children strives to eliminate starvation in children throughout the world by helping to instill compassion in people to hear and respond to the cries of those in need.

Each Week A New Tee For A New Charity. View This Week’s Now At

I would love your support in spreading the word about this great new company.

It can be as simple as pinning the great T-shirt graphic above to your “Fashion” pinterest boards and letting people know that this kind of opportunity even exists.

I am excited to see the hundreds of charities that will be helped in the coming years with Sevenly’s innovative purpose:

Sevenly believes in the value of the human being, and that there is no greater calling than to provide, heal, rescue, and serve others.

Attention all  BLOGGERS or Website Owners

I have chosen to work in partnership this month to raise awareness for Sevenly, and what they are doing. We have set up an amazing affiliate program, which marinades the best of business. As an affiliate, you benefit for your time and work in spreading the word, but the charities are the real winners. This is a wonderful opportunity to blend philanthropy and business, outside your typical giving.

Sevenly is beginning to raise awareness with the media, and if you are interested in seeing a bit more, click here to see a recent news feature on their company.

If you are familiar with how affiliate programs work, please head over to and scroll to the bottom where it says “Become an affiliate.” If you have any questions, I am more than willing to help.

If you would like more information on becoming an affiliate, feel free to submit your contact information, with any questions, and I will get back to you.