Some of my very favorite people gathered together in designer bliss for this first ever sensational Saturday Swap hosted by the Nester.
Supposedly, the reason we gathered was to bring in some household items that we no longer used and swap them out for someone else’s improved treasures.
But let’s be honest. That was strictly a cover story.
Being among the first to view the new nest of our hostess was the prize.
To say “eye candy delight” is a complete understatement.

Remember my last post about creating a tablescape? This table in her office covered every element I addressed. I can guarantee that she didn’t learn it from my post. 🙂

These pictures do not capture the essence of coziness that oozes from every corner of this home. So follow along at the Nesting Place as she reveals her new home space.
It will be the frosting on the cake of this teaser post. 🙂
As we began the swap, everyone drew numbers and went in groups of five to make their first choice. Somehow I got designated to be the “role call” person, so we just kept it flowing until most things were gone. There were SO many fun items from which to pick. The worst part about the day was making a decision. Everyone was gracious.
No cat fights broke out over the Nester’s tassels, and high end bribery was solicited only outside on the driveway. 🙂

(The Nester and Emily’s mom pondering her next pick.)
(The sitting room before all the treasures messed up her tablescape. Check out the new shutters she just painted. Amazing!)

After seeing this awesome bird cage, I mourned that fact that I passed up a standing wooden cage at a yard sale early that same morning. What was I thinking?
The french doors leading into the Nester’s office are framed with fabric adding such an elegant touch. Entering those french doors, you are greeted by these fabulous apothecary jars and sweet Emily, as she sneaked a peek at her sister’s computer.

We all have junk drawers, but mine are filled with…junk…garbage…things that should be in the trash. The Nester’s “junk” is gorgeous and comes in the form of diamond thingies that make my flash act funny, beautiful drawer pulls, window treatment hooks and items to fill decorative glass jars.
We’ve adored the toile sofa since her blogging start. Go RIGHT now to the launch of our (IN)COURAGE site and see the story behind that sofa, as well as her desire that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

We all know that wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, don’t we? Don’t we? HA!

What ever happened to that messy craft room? The only mess presented was in the form of new tassels for (in)courage. We gawked at the crafting stash under her desk. agreeing we could all let our creative juices flow in this room.
(I can’t wait to get my hands on someone’s picture of the group smooshed in this room. I’ll put it up when someone shares it with me, and let you know who was all here.)
Kimba made the drive from PA, and we weren’t going to miss our chance to go to the rich people’s GoodWill in Charlotte after the swap was finished. 🙂

Kimba, the Nester, Emily, Me, and Leigh Ann (a sweet new friend I just met)

One of the greatest joys this year has been connecting with such a wonderful group of women. The Lord has a unique way of bringing people together (or back together).
Before blogging was even an idea in our minds, the Nester and I knew each other from attending the same church. We were friends from Sunday School, but it wasn’t until she moved away and I found her blog that we reconnected. Just as the Nester moved away, her sweet sister joined our church since her hubby is our youth pastor. This year has been the start of a blossoming friendship with Emily, and the odd thing is…so much of it is through our blogs. When we see each other at church, we are already caught up. We don’t always have to fill in the little details because we’ve already read about them (along with a ton of other people).
It’s a privilege to be writing on the (in)courage team with both of them. And it launches TODAY, Monday, August 10th.

Kimba is a friend that when you meet her in real life, there’s a forever connection.
My time with this precious “sister” was much too short.

I highly encourage you to grab some friends and organize a swap. It will be SO worth it.
Beautifying our homes represented the “portrait” of our Saturday swap, but forging friendships framed the picture.