Every single day this week we have been enjoying the fruit of our labor…literally.
I love strawberry picking season, but this year, I didn’t pick enough – only three pathetic gallons. We just finished the last of our fresh berries today, and I am already mourning their loss.

Last night, we gathered as an extended family and enjoyed feasting on this beauty. My sis-in-love was searching for a fresh strawberry pie recipe that didn’t call for gel, and this was a perfect find. It’s quick, easy and delicious…so easy that I don’t have an exact recipe for you. Yes, it’s one of those. 🙂

Easy Strawberry Pie from Scratch

1. Make a pie crust from scratch or use a good ole’ store bought variety…bake accordingly, and then let the crust cool.
2. Soften an 8 ounce package of Cream cheese, and spread across bottom of the crust.
(It doesn’t call for any sweetener. but we think adding a dash of vanilla and powdered sugar to sweeten it makes a gourmet difference.)
3. You will need 1 1/2 quarts (6 cups…I checked 😉 of fresh berries (but we used a bit more).
4. Slice three cups of fresh berries and cover the cream cheese (see above pic)
5. Take the remaining three cups of strawberries and mash.
6. Mix the strawberries with 1 1/2 cups of sugar and 4 TBS flour till thick. Heat over the stove and bring mixture to a soft boil, stirring constantly for ten minutes so it doesn’t burn.
Let mixture cool. This is what is will look like – yum! I could have just eaten this all day.
7. Taste test the homemade whipped cream, but maybe not with your finger since this is for company (that was my naughty mom. 🙂

8. Pour mixture into pie crust and it’s ready to be devoured.

My precious nieces were trying to help me make this more “presentational”. They added the “flower” – Southern Living at its finest.

Can you tell we were eating by our ambiance lighting? We were celebrating my sweet niece’s graduation from high school. She was home schooled all the way through and will now be entering nursing school in the fall. She is a true sweetheart and total servant. I can guarantee that there will be a few people who will not want to check out of the hospital when she is their nurse.

And when you have an extended family this large, there are always birthdays going on at the harried homestead. We threw in a special happy birthday dirt cake as well.

(My sweet daughter and nephew).