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Heading out the door, the children started yelling that something was beeping.
Well, if you spend any amount of time in this home, beeping of some sort is a daily occurrence, so I definitely wasn’t that concerned.
You know what I am talking about…beeps from the computer, beeps from the fire alarm, beeps from the Ipods…the list continues.
But this was a new sound. A unique sort of beep that we hadn’t heard before, so I came back in the house to check it out.
Good thing I did. We followed the sound trail to our new fridge, and the door was slightly ajar. Yep, ajar just enough so that all the cold air could escape, but not far enough so that I would have even noticed it. And I was leaving…for the day.
Can I just tell you how thrilled I am that Frigidaire puts an automatic alert sensor on the fridges so that if the door stays open or the fridge temp rises it lets you know…nice and loud? I guess I would have known that if I would have read my manual, but I didn’t.
I found out the “hard” way, which didn’t end up being so hard at all because the alarm caught the infraction in the nick in time.
And yes, I am a Frigidaire test drive mom, but this same mom just lost about 40 items from her extra (non Frigidaire) freezer last week because it DID NOT have a sensor, so I speak from experience. For our family with multiple children, this sensor is a not just a food saver, but a money saver.
Last week, I admit…I reacted, rather than responded when I went out to see the mess. It wasn’t one of my finer mommy moments, although I don’t think my head did quite the 360° turn.
But then I realized that you can choose to laugh or cry when bedlam moments occur, and I have committed to laugh. So I salvaged what I could, made more meat in one day than you can ever imagine and let the kids eat TONS of mostly melted ice cream. And now, I have a fairly clean second freezer with a few salvaged items in it.
So what about you?
Have you ever had your freezer power go off? Were you able to salvage any of it? What did you do?

**I wrote this while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and will receive a Frigidaire Refrigerator, Range/Microwave, Washer/Dryer set, and a Dishwasher to facilitate my review