Pizza in the car. Pizza on the coach. Pizza up high. Pizza down low. Pizza with friends. Pizza alone.

Yes, our family consumes a TON of pizza, anytime, anyplace.

And it’s a given that anytime pizza is made in our home, we throw in an extra one for left overs. Not just any leftovers, but cold pizza for breakfast.

It can have pepperoni and garlic. My guys don’t care. They’ll eat it at 8 am.

So with that in mind, I started making some pizza with a little bit of breakfast in mind. Not that you have to eat this in the morning, of course. Anytime will do.

This quick breakfast pizza is perfect for a crowd and it’s delicious left over as well. (Well, I think it is.)

This would be great without sausage, if you want to take a more vegetable lover’s approach. Then just load up on the veggies. It’s purely delicious in any form.

For this pictured version, we enjoyed sausage and onions and it hit the spot.

Since one pizza pan doesn’t go very far in our home, I always use this long jelly roll pan and vary the amounts. Sometimes I will use less crescent dough and just roll it very thin. It’s a yummy option. If you are opposed to store bought cresent roll dough, which is what makes this such a quick recipe, feel free to use the dough from my homemade Butterhorn Recipe