I haven’t had much time to finish all the many DIY projects that I have lining the halls, nor spray paint the abundance of “finds” that I have captured at the local thrift store.
That is why I was so thrilled to come across these ornate handcrafted ornaments this week at Good Will.
Lots of love and time went into crafting these .
Not only are they perfect for my “fancy” tree at Christmas, but they are going to be an ornamental eye candy for a few other holidays I can think of – the white makes them very versatile for Easter as well.
( I am off to find a few small, glass hearts to add to the decor in this bowl. won’t they look festive?)
Christmas decor is an additional 75% off at Good Will these days, so I got them for a steal…literally.
Anyhow, I wanted to guesstimate just how much time it might take to make one as a gift, and figure out just how they were made.
Foam balls, thousands of beads/pearls, stick pins…if you’re wondering.
These would be perfect crafts for my daughters to do for Valentine’s Day, while intertwining red, white and pink beads for the festive event.
The bottom line…this is a wonderfully frugal craft where much time and detail makes these an heirloom craft, IMHO.
(I am just sick right now because the picture of my three favorite ones just got deleted, and I already removed them from my camera card….ugh.)
They were intricate with very unique beads.
There were ten ornaments in all….I still can’t believe someone got rid of them. They are so much prettier IRL (or in the other pic I just deleted. 🙂
I also found these treats…I figured if I wasn’t supposed to eat them every day, at least I could look at them, light them and enjoy these cute $.50 candles. 🙂

I am almost ready to get my Bulk Baking posts up (they’re up now)….I have been storming it up in the kitchen, and I know you are going to want to join me for a few great recipes.

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