Does Show and Tell bring back fun, fond memories of childhood days gone by?
Well, I am joining in this Friday’s Show and Tell, during the midst of procrastinating, I mean packing, to honor my sister in law who passed away from breast cancer.
I have shared a bit of her story, but there is no other time like Christmas when the memories of her presence ring more clearly in my mind.
She would have been a “famous” blogger. I am certain of it.
Not only was she wired that way, but she lived the ‘Feathering her Nest’ lifestyle before the term was ever coined.
Every year we received hand made gifts from her, and I thought I would take a minute to showcase a few of them.
Show and Tell

As I was in Michael’s last night, the kids started declaring, “Mom, there’s a reindeer just like Auntie Dawn made.”
Sure enough, these golden reindeer line many of your homes.
The difference with mine?
My sis in law made this over 15 years old. Yes, she did….decoupaged it and everything.
Now the question remains? Did they copy her or did she copy them?

It’s such a blessing to bring her memory to life during the holidays. Every time we unpack a new box, we share all the ornaments that she cross stitched, painted and sewed.
And ladies, nearly two decades ago, she was already painting her brick fireplace white.

If I am truly showing and telling all, then I must share my deal on that awesome “bird” house (is it a bird house?).
I bought it for $4 dollars at Hobby Lobby. I have only gone to HL twice (gasp), even though we have one in our city, and this was marked to $8…80% off.
Well, my yard saling mentality kicked in when I noticed that it did have quite a few chipped paint areas on the top.
So, I OH SO SWEETLY asked (that’s the key here…no entitlement attitude or it won’t work) to see the manager at the check out line. I told him, I knew this was already a wonderful discount and I completely understood if he couldn’t mark it down more, but would he consider bringing it down a bit more since I was buying an ENTIRE buggy full of merchandise. I pointed out three items that I thought were still marked a bit high and he took ANOTHER 50% off the mark down.
“OH. MY. That is SO generous, Mr. Manager…thank you so very much.”
Yep, that’s what I said..except for the Mr. Manager part, and I meant it with all of my heart.
Ladies, it’s always worth asking…
but that was a complete tangent just for my Balancing the Budget readers.

It was a reindeer year… is another sweet one that she crafted – don’t ask me how.

And here is a sneak peek at my Nesterized garland that I made. Yipee!!
We’ll show it off Dec. 10th for her Garland Round up.
Pray for us as we leave tonight at 9pm and drive through the night to Orlando.
Any one want to vicariously live through me?
All 24 football players, families that are going and our little ‘ole mini van squished to the gills with all 7 of us, will be caravaning TOGETHER through the night? Can I just ask….what is the coach thinking in his insanity? A 12 hour ride will quickly become a 18 hour ride, but I know bonding will be had by all, and I am the QUEEN of Forced Bonding.
This is the same coach who had us caravan to our regional game with our hazzards blinking the whole way. You gotta love him!
Weigh in is Saturday morning and the first game at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Arena is Sunday at 3:00.
Blogging at it’s BEST next week straight from Cinderella’s castle…well, maybe from the football stands, but…you’ll never know. 🙂