As most of you were pulling frozen turkeys from your freezers on Tuesday, my homeschool group was enjoying a real live turkey day.

Meet “Buzz.”

He was surely strutting his stuff for us all.

Males put on a show to attract a harem of females. They fan their dark, iridescent tails like a peacock, call gobble-gobble, and their gray head changes color to blue, red, or white depending on their emotions.

I don’t think I had ever heard a live turkey, and they truly call gobble.

Just for you,  I googled “Turkey body parts” because my friend shared that when the “wattle” turns from grey to red, Buzz is basically flirting with us.

(Wattle: Red, fleshy lobes hanging from the male’s throat and chin).

I was getting nervous I might need to do a “birds and the bees” talk when the owner confessed they had nicknamed him Cialis. (Now, I’m even more concerned because I had to google the spelling of that word and obviously quite a few people using this hotel computer were interested in more than just the spelling….eeww…yikes…it saves in the memory of this search feature!! Sheer bedlam! 🙂 ) Yes, I’ve tangent-ed at midnight.


As you can see, it was quite a fun “hands on” learning day for the Classical Conversations group that I direct. Thank you, Sue, for sharing Buzz with us for lunch.

I mean showing him to us during lunch time. 😉

And just to let you know, I had beef on Thanksgiving, in honor of Buzz.

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