In honor of savoring every moment, I have a dilemma I would like to share with you…
quickly, I might add,
since I have twenty women coming to my home in just a few hours.
This is the annual Christmas party that I host for the ladies in my Classical Conversations home school group. And I canceled it before Christmas.
That’s right…two days before the party…
and rescheduled it – for tonight – Tuesday.
Best decision I ever did make…that week. 🙂
So here in lies the problem….
Yes siree!
Nothing in the Deep South says “Welcome to my feathered nest,” more than a dryer finding residence on the front porch (or the side in our case).
You see old faithful went out on the eve of the 25th…
and the new one just found its rightful place, but the old one has yet to find its home.
And it’s too heavy for my boys and me to move.
I’m strong, but not that strong.
It’s a race against the clock to see if my hubby gets home in time.
For the sake of balancing this bedlam with some true beauty, how about I put a table runner across it, light some beautiful candles and call it a night?
Come on decorating gurus…what should I do?
A little cloche? Maybe some topiaries?
Ah….you gotta love it!
Off to make some yummy hors d’oeuvres and finish cleaning!
I am so glad these women love me…in spite of myself. 🙂

*edited to add…you must read the comments – they are much better than my post.
Oh, this could be fun. Maybe I will just tell my hubby it’s ok to be late.