Spring announces birth, renewal, and fresh beginnings, and around our homestead, there is lots of life going on around our place. It’s been thirteen years since this city girl met country living, and yet I still get glimpses of my life here as the star of “Green Acres.”
Every year we add a few new baby chicks to our hen house, especially since we are down quite a few chickens due to some adverse effects of country living…i.e. a naughty wild animal. These little peeps are always so precious, but they grow up very quickly, and then the reality of work sets in for our kids, and they wonder why we don’t just buy eggs from the store. (Our raising baby chicks is a story in and of itself that I don’t think I have ever shared.)

Besides the new chicks, our HUGE, exciting arrivals graced our home just last evening. Yes, these cute pictures were taken just hours ago. Our sweet yellow lab had precious pups – seven of them to be exact – and I think my daughter has found a new home. She wants to sleep in the whelping box at night, but I have assured her that Lola needs her beauty sleep.

As you can see, my day to day has been just a tad busy this week, but what a wonderful celebration of life.
(And yes, I had to slip in a mini “birds and bees” talk with our seven year old. When you witness any life being born, let alone the birthing process seven times, there are bound to be a few questions. I count that as biology class for at least one month. ;))
So have any of you had the fun of puppies before? They sure are precious!