As much as I love browsing and reading on line, there’s nothing quite like curling up with a good magazine for my leisure time (ha…what’s that, you ask?). I was recently introduced to Best Deal Magazines which offers a savings of  up to 85% on Magazine Subscriptions
I was so excited when I saw the deal of the day on some of my favorite cooking magazines. A whole year for the price of one magazine.
Best Deals has Every Day with Rachel Ray for just $3.69 for an annual subscription. The sale price is $4.69 for many of the MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS and then use code RENEW16 to get it for $3.69.
Taste of Home is the first magazine I ever subscribed to back when I first got married. It’s always filled with quick and easy home cooking recipes, just how I love them. The subscription is only $4.69 and again, use the code for extra discount.