Pumpkin Pie made in a jar. Using any kind of glass jar makes this so adorable

There’s just something about serving food in pretty glass jars that makes me so happy. I bought two cases of brand new canning jars at a yard sale, so this holiday season you can bet I will putting them to work with many of my 50 uses for Mason Jars.  
I love the idea of baking pies in a jar. Whether it’s pumpkin, apple, or cherry, I can assure you this pie in a jar recipe will be a hit, both with the beautiful presentation or the anticipation of a special gift.

My friend, Merissa from Little House on the Prairie Living, shares her story behind this Pumpkin Pie in a Jar recipe. “My grandma used to make the best food but she’d never write down a recipe for me. Finally after several years of begging I finally got her to write down at least her ingredients for recipes. Now that she’s gone I’m so thankful that I begged for some long because now we can keep some of our great family food traditions alive like this one for Pumpkin Pie.”

Apple Pie in a Jar from Homemade Simple

Yes, this is another wonderful Simple Holiday Recipe. Don’t Miss a One!

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