Proverbs 31 Ministries is dedicated to Bringing God’s Peace, Perspective, and Purpose to Today’s Busy Woman.
Don’t you just want to post that mission on the mantle of your home? (Or I’d be fine if you just tape it to your computer). πŸ™‚
When I first heard about Prov. 31 two years ago, I knew this was a ministry whose heartbeat was closely aligned with my own.
For those of you who follow my blog, purposeful intentionality is something that I am committed to, and Proverbs 31 has a group of women boldly declaring God’s love and grace. It doesn’t get more intentional than that.
Last year, I led worship for a church that had asked Luann Prater to be their speaker. Over the past 8 months I have been slowly peaking into the lives of these women through their blogs. It is a true joy to see how God is using women whose hearts are fully yielded to Him.

A few years ago Prov. 31 began The She Speaks Conference: an amazing speaker/writer/blogging conference.
They are graciously giving away one scholarship to a blogger,
and I would love to be considered.
But guess what? The post is due – today/now (it’s 2:30am) – and I thought the deadline was Sunday. It all fits with my “no editing” policy here at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.

Quite honestly, this is a win-win.
My regular readers get to find out about an amazing ministry. And as part of our “God Watch time,” my husband and I have decided that I am definitely going to She Speaks. We are watching and waiting to see how the Lord will use this time in my life and I am excited.

For the last two decades, the Lord has called me to many ministries that were “visual – up front” kind of positions.
First as a youth pastor, and then with a mixture of various leadership roles primarily focusing on ministering through worship and drama.
As I started having multiple children, requests were made for me to speak to womens groups.
The thought thrilled me.
I had been surrounded by many amazing mentors, including a Proverbs 31 mother, and felt that I had a passion to share specifically with other young moms.

Yet this quote, given to me by my former worship pastor, sums up the struggle that raged within me as I deliberated on a speaking ministry.
“The greatest impediment to your spiritual intimacy is your giftedness. Because you are gifted, you are going to be able to make life work within the church without ever knowing God well.”

I never wanted to make “church work.”
At that season in my life, I knew that the door needed to stay shut.
I was so busy with things….good things….Godly things.
I was serving in ministry opportunities that produced subtle pats on the back, and accolades for things that came easily to me. It was painful to I realize I was making “church work,” and it wasn’t just about Him.
Spending time just falling in love with Jesus…singing to Him…only for Him, was the deepest desire of my heart.
I stepped back and worshipped for an audience of One for the next few years.
In the last few years I have felt the Lord releasing me to a new season of ministry life.
A season where He has whispered it is good to go and share my beauty and bedlam.
I am passionate about encouraging women to remove the masks that society has placed on them, and relish in the beauty of who they are in Christ.
Authenticity and transparency are my desire each time that I speak, and its refreshing to share what the Lord has revealed to me through my “attempt” at balancing it all.
It’s only been in the last few months that I have begun to see myself as a blogger, and hopefully, the message I communicate in written word is identical to who I am in real life.
So why then do I want to go to She Speaks?
Since the doors has swung open, I will be taking the advanced Speaker’s Track.
I desire strategic direction and mentoring from women who have gone before me on this journey.
I feel as if I am paddling upstream, and considering this unbalanced boat is typically filled with my five children rocking it rambunctiously, I need to get a better rudder system.
Or at least many more life preservers. πŸ™‚
She Speaks will be that lifeguard/coach that will allow me to navigate my journey more effectively.
I know that I will leave with the necessary tools of intentionality to patch up my barely buoyant boat, and finish strong…
And of course, do I even need to mention the encouragement from being with a group of like minded women who love my Jesus with their whole heart?
AND the opportunity to sing praises to Him with 600 other ladies.
Ah – for me, that is a slice of heaven.
My hubby has been encouraging me to take a step forward with my speaking and it’s been amazing to have him as my biggest cheerleader.
With his unemployment, this is a big leap of faith, but God is so faithful to provide.
It’s when our God Watch gets exciting.
Oh, and I can’t forget another important reason.
I will be feeding Emily and the Nester chocolate from the front row during their talk.
That’s pretty important as well. πŸ™‚
What are real friends for if they don’t share their chocolate?

Thank you, P31 ladies, for all the time that you have already put into this conference.
I know it’s going to be such a blessing to many, and I can’t wait to meet you all in person.

It’s now 3:45am and I believe I met the deadline (pretty please?).
So good night.
I can’t believe I stayed up to do this, but I saw that Lysa put the deadline as “by Friday” and I got really nervous.
Can someone now come and mother my children for me?
I’m going to need a nap. πŸ™‚