Swirling around in my mind are too many thoughts about the She Speaks conference that I attended this past weekend.

He graciously hears our heart, reveals dreams, ideas and suggestions that maybe we are ready and willing to hear, or possibly things that need to be pondered and mulled around for a bit.

I’m still in the mulling stage.
I’m ciphering through what the Lord desires vs. the lies that are being whispered.
But girlfriends, that is way too heavy of a topic to be flushed out right here. Now I must declare, “She Connects, She Ponders, She Can Not be on the computer ignoring her kids any more today.”
So as promised, I wanted to give you lovely ladies a chance to jump around and read everyone else’s story.

Even though I primarily stayed on the speaking track, one of the highlights of She Speaks was the intimate number of bloggers in attendance. Many of us “knew” each other on line and so the networking aspect was wonderful. Friday night, at our blogger meet and greet, it felt like I was coming home. I can’t tell you how reassuring it was to meet friends that really “got” this blogging side of me. We could talk “blogger-ese” together and I didn’t get an eye roll.
I could take pictures like a paparazzi with Dawn, the Nester, and Emily and it was considered common place.
For some odd reason, all those little things made for a sweet, sweet time of fellowship.

The thing I regret about my weekend, was that I was so busy chit chatting that I failed in my blogging photographer duties. I have NO pictures with any of my girlfriends, and that is just a shame. Hopefully, you all can help me out.

“To know God and make Him known” is my desire.
Sharing that heartbeat with the Proverbs 31 team is a privilege.
I leave you with this visual image of Saturday evening’s worship time.

We met Him!
He was high and lifted up this weekend.

I know many of you have already posted your story. I can’t wait to read and vicariously live through your weekend experience.