One of the benefits of living only a few hours from both the mountains and the beach is the easy access to simple, frugal getaways during the off season or even just a “daycation.”
My husband was supposed to be out of town for a few days and I was offered a condo, so I spontaneously took advantage of time at the beach.
Typically with a beach vacation, there are a lot of extra expenses for the “needed” paraphernalia that elevates the trip to iconic vacation status. Keeping your “eagle eyes” open through thrifting and yard sale season eliminates that last minute purchasing stress which can easily equal hundreds of dollars.
The “perfect” chair is a necessity when spending days at the beach. But who wants to rent them when you can purchase them at your Goodwill vacation destination. Yes, Goodwill met all our beach chair needs, but honestly, most of our family’s beach chairs, folding chairs and sports chairs have come from yard sales for $1-3. Nearly any desired summer “needs” can be found over the course of a few weekend yard sales.
beach chairs from Goodwill
This sun shade was a fun yard sale find for $5. We have gotten lots of beach use out of it, if for nothing else than to house all of our “stuff” and keep it sand free.
Our family’s coolers, beach bags, backpacks, reusable water bottles, boogie boards, toys, rafts, sunglasses, and even our personal towels were all bought at either yard sales or Goodwill for pennies on the dollar. In fact, during yesterday’s yard sale-ing  I saw life jackets, floating pool chairs, water skis, a pool ladder, rafts and even a canoe. Trust me, summer fun items can be found with just a little perseverance.
sun shade from yard sale
As we return to Myrtle Beach next month for our extended family’s annual “Cheap family vacation…without being cheap” time together, I will bring a huge beach umbrella that I bought for $3 (retails for $49.99), as well as a perfect $1 beach football that I found yesterday.
Most people head to Myrtle for the beach, golfing AND outlet malls. Our condo was within walking distance of the Tanger mall, but I bypassed them on my continued quest to find the best thrift stores in America. I definitely found a GREAT Goodwill. Newly designed, it was a terrific thrifting experience. I sought out the manger to compliment her and she shared that it was their desire to give the customers a retail feel.
Well, she succeeded. Merchandising is key for any kind of sales establishment, and her clothing displays were wonderful (housewares – just typical thrift).
Goodwill Myrtle Beach
State to state, Goodwills drastically vary in their prices, as well as their “feel”. Expecting this store to have higher price points, I was pleasantly surprised to find their adult clothes were only $3ish.
display at Goodwill Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach is known as a guys get a way, and the golfers were out in full force.  It’s a shame that most of them probably spent$100-200 on their daily golfing attire when they could have stopped here for five minutes and done it up right for $10 total.
golf clothes at Mrytle Beach
Raising children that understand the value of a dollar is important to me, but it’s even better when that comes in the form of quality mother-daughter Frugal Fashionista fun time.
Mrytle Beach Good Will
Remember that second “How to Tie a Scarf” video that hasn’t happened yet? Well, it will definitely have a section on using scarves in the hair this summer for a sweet, sassy twist. How cute is that look?
ways to use a scarf
Topping off this outfit, in true head to toe Frugal Fashionista fashion, are these rocking shoes that I bought at a yard sale last week for $1. Trust me, I tried squeezing into them but they just didn’t fit. I mourned that for a moment. 🙂
designer shoes from Mrytle Beach
I know some of you are thinking…eww….Jen, please tell me you don’t get ALL your summer things second hand. Well…yes…the two suits I wore all week were second hand, but look closely at this picture. Do you know how many brand new suits I have found at yard sales and Goodwill with the tags still hanging? Granted, it’s hit or miss for sizes, but since I am not a “wear a different suit every day” kind of girl, all I need is one…or two, and they last me for years. 🙂
bathing suits at Goodwill
I would never dare show you my suit under that “cover up” below, but read ’em and weep.
Brand new, size ten, classic black Land’s End swimsuit with tags…yes, you can imagine I was doing the happy thrifting dance for sure. My friend, Leah, also got her new suit at Goodwill.
One of the things I love to do with my Frugal Fashionista series it to have you think outside the “wardrobe box.”  I typically look like a tired, crazed, mom at the pool. I throw on my suit and just wrap any old matching towel around my waste praying it doesn’t fall down.
Well, not any longer.  Both Leah and I used cotton dresses as our cover ups. My cover up is supposed to be an elegant, summer dress. I snagged it for $1 at a yard sale last week and knew immediately it would make a perfect cover up. You can’t see the contour of the dress since my black suit is also under it, but it’s so comfortable and classy. For the first time I actually felt fashionable walking along the pool side, and all for $1. Leah’s blue cotton dress is a cute, basic style that you can find at many thrift stores for under $5. So before you go out and spend $40 on a summer cover up, just scan the cotton dresses – they’ll work every time, and you won’t beat the price.
cover ups at the beach
Yes, all my teen guys sporting suits/shorts for $1 each (Go Tarheels…if you missed the team logo. :))
boys suits from yard sales
There were three groups of mother-daughters during our Goodwill excursion and we all bought a bunch of brand new flip flops for $1 each. My oldest daughter and I bought the same matching silver ones that Leah has on below.
This Frugal Fashionista outfit topped out at $8.
$3.50 – shirt. $3.50 for the Banana Republic pants that we MADE her buy, and $1 for the flip flops.
Banana Republic pants $3.50
With just a change of pants, shoes and layered T-shirt, you can go from a dressier look above to casual below.
frugal fashions at Myrtle
As all your summer activities begin to wind up, don’t just rush past those yard sale signs. Take a few minutes and scour some treasures. I can’t wait to begin showing you every week my Trash to Treasure finds, as well as some how to tips that will help you achieve professional yard sale status. 🙂
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